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  • 62nd MXS PMEL flight maintains standard of perfection

    Something as simple as an over-tightened or loose bolt can bring down a flying aircraft; an under- or over-inflated aircraft tire can explode and cause damage to personnel and equipment; and a radio tuned to the incorrect frequency can be the difference between identifying friends or foes. With such a minuscule margin of error separating the
  • FSS Airman recognized for ‘doing it right’

    Every shirt was tightly folded, the canned goods and beverages were perfectly aligned on the shelves and even the loose change was stacked in perfection on the desk.And that's just how Airman 1st Class Daniel Kim, 62nd Force Support Squadron, likes to keep his dorm room on a daily basis.After a recent random dorm room inspection some Airmen from
  • Phoenix Spouse takes care of Airmen, families

    It's not like Elaine McPherson doesn't have enough on her plate.A mother of five with a husband who is a member of the 62nd Security Forces Squadron, Mrs. McPherson has a lot going on between family commitments and keeping the household together when her husband is flying or deployed.But she makes time nevertheless to fulfill her duty as a Phoenix
  • Strangers turn into pals at Puyallup Fair

    A passing Puyallup police officer walked by Airman 1st Class Jonas Pelayo, 62nd Communications Squadron, at the Puyallup Fair and said, "thanks for your service, Airman." Airman Pelayo, who was helping cut the food for Doug Brown, from the Washington Soldiers Home, nodded to the police officer and said, "they should be thanking him (Brown) for what
  • Experience helps Airmen mentor academy cadets

    The Operation Air Force program not only opens up a whole new world to Air Force Academy cadets, but also gives the Airmen in charge of overseeing visiting cadets a chance to mentor the next generation of Airmen.Nineteen academy cadets visited McChord from June 1 - 21 during the first phase of the career-broadening program for cadets at the Air
  • Operation AF broadens career choices for cadet

    For one Air Force Academy cadet, a recent three-week visit to McChord was a real eye-opening experience."My dream aircraft was the A-10 Warthog," said Cadet Third Class Carly Olsowski, who aims to be a pilot after graduation, "but since I have been at McChord, I have begun to think that flying heavies is the sort of lifestyle that I would like to
  • Man's best friend plays key role in GWOT

    When Airmen deploy, some may find themselves with a roommate or co-worker who may be a little rough around the edges, who doesn't quite communicate in the same dialect or may even have an unusual diet. However, they probably don't bark or bite. But two Airmen from the 62nd Security Forces Squadron here know all about what it's like to deploy with
  • Survival of the fittest: Inaugural Northwest Skunkworks event tests Airmen’s wilderness survival, leadership skills

    A day without the use of cell phones, text messaging and the Internet might qualify to some as day void of productivity and fruitful communication. But don't tell that to the group of 25 Airmen who participated in the inaugural Northwest Skunkworks 48-hour survival event April 30 to May 2 hosted by the 62nd Security Forces Squadron. The event
  • Proper strength training helps shape bodies

    (Editor's note: This is the second installment in a series of fitness articles that will run throughout the month of May in conjunction with Air Force Fitness Month.) The aim of Air Force Fitness Month is to teach Airmen how to set a routine and maintain their fitness level while promoting fitness education. A solid strength training program is a
  • C-17 Show and Tell

    McChord Airmen and their families celebrate Month of the Military Child with a C-17 Globemaster III tourOne of McChord's many C-17 Globemaster IIIs took a break April 25 from the rough-and-tumble life of delivering global airlift to fulfill a more soft and cuddly duty: serving as a static show and tell piece for more than 250 Airmen and their