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  • 62nd MXS Aerospace Ground Equipment will never AGE out of necessity

    The 62nd Maintenance Squadron Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) flight maintains flight line ground equipment such as diesel engines, air compressors, heaters, and jacks as well as prepare them to pass cargo inspections. After flight line equipment has been defueled, cleaned, prepared, and inspected, it is towed to the mobility line to wait to be taken to the flight line to be loaded onto an aircraft and transported to wherever it might be needed.
  • 62nd MDS public health Airmen help move the mission forward

    The 62nd Medical Squadron (62nd MDS) Public Health section is one of about 20 within the McChord Clinic that contributes to the health and well-being of McChord Airmen, dependents and retirees on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. Public health is responsible for approving people for deployments, occupational health and, more recently, contact tracing for positive COVID-19 cases of McChord Airmen, including both the 62nd and 446th Airlift Wings (AW), their dependents and Air Force civilian personnel.
  • 62nd AMXS Airman accepted to Air Force Academy class of 2025

    Earlier this year, Airman 1st Class Chad Schuch, 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief, was accepted into the U.S. Air Force Academy (AFA) Prep School and is expected to graduate with the class of 2025. He will be leaving Joint Base Lewis-McChord at the end of this month to attend the AFA prep school first for 10 months, before beginning his AFA classes in the fall of 2021. The AFA in Colorado Springs, Colorado, accepts about 1,000 students per class year, 170 of which can be candidates already enlisted in the U.S. Air Force.
  • 62nd AW Remembers Operations Babylift, New Life

    Forty-five years ago, Military Airlift Command (MAC) carried out one of the most heart lifting and heartbreaking airlifts in Air Force history. As with many airlifts during and after the Vietnam War, the 62nd Military Airlift Wing (MAW) played a major part.
  • McCoy utilizes vast military medical experience to go ‘where no man has gone before’

    Most military members serve in one branch and spend their entire careers in either the enlisted or officer ranks. The same can’t be said for Col. (Dr.) Robert “Bones” McCoy, 62nd Medical Squadron commander. McCoy has experienced it all - four military branches, enlisted and officer tiers, active duty, reserve and National Guard. Throughout it all, his love for medicine has been a constant.
  • 62nd Airlift Wing Recalls Mount St. Helen’s Eruption on 40th Anniversary

    McChord Field offers a spectacular view of Mount Rainier. The summer sun highlights the gorgeous peaks of the volcano and the winter dawn frames the mountain in different hues of red and gold. While we marvel at its beauty, many of us are aware of its potential threat. However, it was not Rainier which threatened McChord 40 years ago, but another volcano 70 miles southeast.
  • 62nd AW Historian honors 75th anniversary of VE Day

    On May 8, 1945, Germany formally surrendered to Ally forces, ending the war in Europe. Crowds gathered in major cities throughout Europe and the United States and celebrated the end of World War II, which had devastated most of Europe since 1939. In London, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth waved to crowds from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, while in the United States, President Harry Truman dedicated VE Day to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had died only the month before. American forces in Europe breathed a sigh of relief while governments began to plan how to rebuild their annihilated countries.
  • The Rise of a Loadmaster: An A1C Watt Story

    The powerful vibrations of four engines propelling a 282,400 pound aircraft several miles above the ground hum across the cargo bay of a C-17 Globemaster III on its way to drop off much needed cargo. Two pilots sit upstairs in the flight deck guiding the C-17 through the sky while another two rest along with the flying crew chiefs. Awake are three loadmasters, keeping an eye on the cargo bay while Airman 1st Class Kam Watt studies the loadmaster Air Force Instructions (AFI).
  • 627 SFS attack their mission at JBLM

    Many Airmen stationed here may not have much information or knowledge about the 627th Security Forces Squadron’s (SFS) mission at McChord Field. It has three mission sets: defend the JBLM flight lines, protect aircraft in austere environments through the Phoenix Raven program and instruct Airmen on firearms and weapons handling through combat arms training and maintenance (CATM).
  • The way it was

    A historian’s job is to not only record history, but also to teach it and perhaps remind people about the way things were. The most glorious part of my job is to present the history of our most celebrated achievements: Operation Homecoming, Deep Freeze, Unified Response and so much more. The most difficult part of my job is finding a way to tell the story of moments that make us cringe and would rather forget. I can write all day long about our most heroic moments, but I struggle with this story and have decided to just to rip the band-aid off. This is the story of segregation in the Air Force.