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  • Airman reflects on his Hispanic heritage

    U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Edwin Leon strives to reach new educational and professional goals and continues to lead by example in and outside of the Air Force. He works hard to incorporate his Hispanic heritage in every aspect of his life, and his determination and proactive leadership skills

  • Eagle Port Airmen support Operation ALLIES WELCOME

    “Providing humanitarian assistance is one of the most rewarding jobs I have had in the Air Force,” said U.S. Air Force 1st Lt. Dominique Jamieson, Air Freight Flight commander with the 62nd Aerial Port Squadron.In August 2021, President Joe Biden directed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to

  • From spouse to officer: Airman nears two decades of military service

    Military spouses are a distinct type of spouse as they pay the price for freedom too. From holding down the fort between temporary duty assignments and deployments to packing up a house and moving every few years, spouses are the constant that service members need. For nearly two decades, this has

  • Maintaining excellence: 62 AMXS Airman receives AF-level award

    Maintainers fill a critical role in keeping the Air Force’s fleet in the air to project air power, dominance and rapid global mobility. These experts ensure the aircraft in their care are ready to fly at a moment’s notice so pilots can safely and effectively complete their mission.Earlier this year,

  • SNCO overcomes ultimate tribulation

    As a newly promoted master sergeant, Anthony DiMase was well prepared for the next stepping stone in his career, but he was not prepared for the life-altering news that would make this road a bit rockier.In June of 2017, six years into his time here, DiMase was diagnosed with cancer mid-transition

  • 8 AS Airman’s career is a slam ‘dunk’

    For a quarter of a century, one Airman has dedicated his life to serving in the Air Force and is now getting ready to retire from the same squadron he first entered at the start of his career.Master Sgt. Michael “Dunk” Dunkelberger, 62nd Operations Group evaluator loadmaster on loan from the 8th

  • Team McChord honors women with all-female mission

    With March being Women’s History Month, it is important to recognize how the role of women in the military has dramatically changed over the years. During the 18th and 19th centuries, women were confined to serving as cooks, seamstresses and nurses. The formation of the Women’s Army Corps in 1941

  • How one Airman maximized their growth thanks to a second chance

    Despite a rough start during his first enlistment at then-McChord Air Force Base, Washington, Master Sgt. Timothy Nonn, the 62nd Maintenance Squadron production superintendent, has been on an upward trajectory for the majority of his nearly 16-year career. “It took me little while to get used to

  • West Coast Demo Team highlights C-17 capabilities

    Peaking out behind white fluffy clouds, the sun shone down on the crowd of excited beachgoers enjoying the strong breeze rippling across the ocean waves. Heads began to turn and eyes searched the horizon as the sound of four turbofan jet engines could be heard over the crashing of the wind-churned