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Travel to Japan


Japan COVID Guidelines/Requirements:


Military travelers arriving in Japan under the Status of Forces Agreement should consult with their chain of command to ensure they understand quarantine and restriction of movement requirements prior to beginning travel.

Japanese citizens and foreign residents with a reentry permit are generally allowed to reenter Japan but must comply with testing and quarantine measures, if required.

Travelers who fall outside of the above categories and believe they qualify for travel to Japan should review details on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ “Resuming Cross-Border Travel” website  and the “Border Measures to Prevent the Spread of Novel Coronavirus” website , as well as the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare’s website , or contact the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate for additional information. Students and technical trainees should contact their educational institutions directly for guidance.

Passengers who have been fully vaccinated and boosted with vaccines approved by the Japanese government and who are arriving in Japan as of September 7 will not require a pre-travel COVID-19 test. Please refer to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s website  for more details.

Upon arrival in Japan, travelers will be required to complete documentation, and may be required to download several smartphone applications. If a traveler does not have a smartphone, most international airports offer an option for travelers to rent one upon arrival.

Travelers from the United States to Japan, regardless of their vaccination status, are no longer required to conduct COVID-19 testing and quarantine upon arrival. Travelers from countries other than the United States, or who have spent time in other countries in the 14 days prior to travel to Japan, may be subject to on-arrival COVID-19 testing and quarantine. For detailed information about on-arrival covid-19 test and quarantine period after entry into Japan, please visit . Note that these regulations are subject to frequent changes, and travelers should regularly consult the latest applicable Japanese regulations at the link above

Official Travel to Japan:

***Update for travel to Japan and Korea as of 28-Jun-2021*** 

DoD Civilians and Eligible Family Members on official travel must have either a Special Issuance Passport (SIP) or, as a temporary measure, a memorandum from a DoD Passport Agent stating the SIP application was submitted prior to departure from the point of origin. The memorandum must identify each applicant, date of submission, country of travel for PCS/TDY/TAD and DoD VPAS ID. For a limited time, boarding a flight while on official travel status with a Regular (blue tourist) Passport is permissible ONLY with such a memo, which is to be presented to boarding officials, upon request.  NOTE: ATTENTION: EXTENSION TO TEMPORARY USE OF A REGULAR PASSPORT IN LIEU OF SPECIAL ISSUANCE PASSPORT FOR OFFICIAL TRAVEL. THIS TEMPORARY EXCEPTION ORIGINALLY SET TO EXPIRE ON 30 SEPTEMBER 2021 HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL 30 SEPTEMBER 2022.


The Yokota Passenger Terminal has created a video to help passengers who are transitioning through the Yokota Terminal.  Click here to watch the video.

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