A U.S. Air Force community outreach program continues to provide children facing health difficulties an opportunity to have fun and see firsthand some of the things that Airmen do. The current Pilot for a Day (PFAD) program at McChord Field on Joint Base Lewis-McChord was created in 2010 as a collaboration between the local Air Force Association (AFA) Chapter 334 PFAD committee and the 4th Airlift Squadron (AS).
Lt. Col. Jamil Musa, left, 7th Airlift Squadron commander, presents Master Sgt. Casey Holihan, 7th AS superintendent, with a Bronze Star Medal during a ceremony at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., Oct. 7, 2019. Holihan received the medal for his actions while deployed to Forward Operating Base Oqab, Kabul, Afghanistan. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Tryphena Mayhugh)
62nd Maintenance Squadron Airmen and Royal Australian Air Force Airmen work together to replace an engine ring cowl on an RAAF C-17 Globemaster III at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., Sept. 5, 2019. The repair marked the first done on a U.S. base under the C-17 Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Services Implementing Arrangement (ARMS IA). The ARMS IA allows USAF or RAAF maintenance crews to do full maintenance on U.S. and Australian C-17s. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Sara Hoerichs)
The C-17 West Coast Demo Team flies above the first C-17 Globemaster III delivered to McChord Field during a rededication ceremony celebrating the 20th anniversary of C-17 Globemaster IIIs at McChord Field, July 26, 2019, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. The first C-17 is still operational and flying missions out of McChord Field. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Joshua Smoot)
The first aircraft lands on the newly resurfaced runway at McChord Field, June 17, 2019, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. McChord Field aircraft and Airmen continued operations at other west coast bases while the runway was resurfaced. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Sara Hoerichs)
A team made up of Airmen from the 627th Force Support Squadron pushes a truck on the McChord Field track as part of the Joint Base Competition organized for Police Week on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., May 17, 2019. The Joint Base competition was organized and facilitated by members of the 627th Security Forces Squadron as part of Police Week 2019 which provides an opportunity to honor and remember fallen defenders. (U.S. Air Force photo by A1C Mikayla A. Heineck)
Senior Airman Nathan Cremeans, 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief, marshals a C-17 Globemaster III as it prepares to take off from March Air Reserve Base in California, April 3, 2019. Because of the McChord flightline closure for repairs, March - June, 2019, several McChord maintenance personnel were temporarily relocated to March ARB to keep the mission going. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman Mikayla Heineck)

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Over 1,000 Los Angeles AFB military and civilian members as well as their families participated in Sports Day, an annual base-wide event that fosters teamwork and fitness, at Fort MacArthur, San Pedro, Calif., Aug. 23, 2019. The day kicked off with a 4K Run, followed by a variety of team sports including softball, flag football, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, horseshoes pitching, sprints, a video game challenge and tug-of-war. The top team, Enterprise Corp, was awarded the sports day trophy after collecting the most points. (U.S. Air Force photos/ Van De Ha)
Congratulations to the newest Staff Sergeants selects from Los Angeles Air Force Base! #SpaceStartsHere SMC Selects: (S)Sgt Travis Austin (S)Sgt Anthony Gladski (S)Sgt Casey Green (S)Sgt Dashaun Malone (S)Sgt Vera Povetina (S)Sgt D’Ann Powell (S)Sgt Dominique Robinson (S)Sgt Jared Schwandt (S)Sgt Thomas Watts (S)Sgt Emmanuel Barnett 61 ABG Selects: (S)Sgt Kelsey Adams (has since PCSed, but we congratulate you nonetheless!) (S)Sgt Willie Courtney (S)Sgt Ricardo Garcia (S)Sgt Samantha Levesque (S)Sgt Emily Munguia
The satellite launched at 9:06 a.m. EDT from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s SLC-37. It was the second ULA launch for SMC in the past month.
‪Photos from today’s successful GPS III SV 2 launch from SLC-37 at CCAFS aboard a Delta IV. Today’s launch was the last single core Delta to launch. (Photos courtesy of ULA)‬
‪Thanks to great industry and government partnerships, GPS III SV02 was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02 #DeltaIV #SMC #LAAFB #AFSPC #USAF #45SW #Driveto48 #EpicSpeed #Magellan #GPSIIILaunchDay
‪Spacecraft separation! Delta IV successfully deployed the GPS III satellite into its targeted low-inclination orbit, 1200 kilometers above the Earth. From this transfer orbit, Magellan will circularize into its final plane, and slot and proceed into checkout and testing for its first 6 months in space.‬
‪Delta IV launch performance is nominal. #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02 #DeltaIV #SMC #LAAFB #AFSPC #USAF #45SW #Driveto48 #EpicSpeed #Magellan #GPSIIILaunchDay‬
‪LIFTOFF(!) of the Delta IV, carrying the U.S. Air Force’s first GPS III space vehicle, which will soon be joining a robust constellation of 31-operational GPS satellites! #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02 #DeltaIV #SMC #AFSPC #45SW #Driveto48 #EpicSpeed #Magellan #GPSIIILaunchDay‬
‪Liftoff of the Delta IV carrying GPS III SV 2 into space! This is the final Delta IV with a single core to launch. #SpaceStartsHere
GPS III SV 2 is ready for launch. Liftoff is now scheduled for 9:01 a.m EDT.
‪The Delta IV (4,2) had its first successful launch in 2002. Magellan is its final payload delivery. #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02 #DeltaIV #SMC #LAAFB #AFSPC #USAF #45SW #Driveto48 #EpicSpeed #Magellan #GPSIIILaunchDay
GPS III SV 2 is ready for launch. Liftoff is now scheduled for 9:01 a.m EDT.
‪GPS III SV02, like SV01, will be flown with the newest ground control software, GPS Next Generation Operational Control System Block 0. The new system will control Launch and Early Orbit operations and on-orbit checkout of all GPS III satellites. #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02
‪GPS III will operate 2 civil signals: L2C alongside L1 C/A. GPS receivers equipped for L2C will be able to compensate for ionospheric delay error for a particular GPS satellite just by comparing the two signals. #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02 ‬
‪The GPS III satellite is the newest addition to the M-Code (a more accurate secure military signal) capable fleet. This brings the total number of M-Code capable satellites to 21. #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02 ‬
‪This is the last Delta IV mission flown aboard the (4,2) configuration, which indicates a 4-meter payload fairing and the addition of two solid rocket motors to the first stage. #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02 #DeltaIV #SMC #AFSPC #USAF #45SW #EpicSpeed #Magellan #GPSIIILaunchDay
‪GPS satellites make up a 24-satellite operational constellation, with each satellite orbiting the Earth 2X per day. #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02 #DeltaIV #SMC #LAAFB #AFSPC #USAF #45SW #Driveto48 #EpicSpeed #Magellan #GPSIIILaunchDay‬
‪GPS satellites make up a 24-satellite operational constellation, with each satellite orbiting the Earth 2X per day. #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02 #DeltaIV #SMC #LAAFB #AFSPC #USAF #45SW #Driveto48 #EpicSpeed #Magellan #GPSIIILaunchDay
‪GPS Magellan (GPS III SV02) is slated for D-Plane (Slot 3) joining the 31-operational satellite constellation providing global space-based positioning, navigation, and timing information. #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02 #DeltaIV #SMC #Driveto48 #EpicSpeed #Magellan #GPSIIILaunchDay
‪Magellan (GPS III SV02) is slated for D-Plane (Slot 3) joining the 31-operational satellite constellation providing global space-based positioning, navigation, and timing information. #SpaceStartsHere #GPSIIISV02 #DeltaIV #SMC #Driveto48 #EpicSpeed #Magellan #GPSIIILaunchDay
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RT @AirMobilityCmd: Happy #TankerThirst Thursday, Pi edition! If each pie weighs 3.14 lbs, a @usairforce KC10 could carry over 113,000 pies…
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