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  • 80th Anniversary Highlights Importance of Oral History, Air Force Heritage

    As I scanned the colorful crowd of current Swords, alumni, and loved ones during the recent celebration of the 7th Airlift Squadron’s 80th Anniversary, I found myself reflecting not just on the importance of history — but the importance of oral history. Our guest speaker for the evening was retired

  • Stories over stats — aspire to inspire

    Before taking command of America’s Sharpest, the Swords of the 7th Airlift Squadron, a mentor counseled me, “First you get the guidon, then you get the mic … make your words count.”

  • Execution, sustainment of Rapid Global Mobility

    One of the foundational aspects of America's military strength is the ability to project forces anywhere on the planet at the time and place of our choosing. Rapid Global Mobility represents the fastest, most agile way to achieve that objective, with our strategic airlift fleet and personnel at the

  • Mobility Guardian is Here

    To continue the success that we have seen at JBLM, we are going to hit the ground running. Beginning this weekend, the first aircraft participating in Exercise MOBILITY GUARDIAN will arrive at McChord Field.

  • A bright future for JBLM and Team McChord

    Thank you for all that you do on a daily basis to make Joint Base Lewis-McChord an incredible place to live and work. It is a total force team that makes JBLM the premier installation that it is today. From our community partners, civic leaders, and honorary commanders who have embraced the

  • Travel: Smiles, not just miles

    In the military world, travel is an essential part of our life.  We go TDY [temporary duty] or deploy to temporary destinations and we go PCS [permanent change of station] to more permanent sites.  Even at home base, we commute to and from work to reach places important to us.  Considering the

  • Leadership - An action word

     My Grandmother turns 90 years old this August; she is by far the wisest person I know.  Once, I challenged her wisdom when she stated to me that love is an action word.  I was a young teenager, and said, “No Grandma, love is a noun.”  I even looked it up and showed it to her in the dictionary.  She

  • Making our AF better, safer and more efficient

    A few weeks back, I met with the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF), Gen Dave Goldfein, along with 265 other Total Force Wing Commanders (Guard, Reserve and Active Duty) in Washington D.C.  We were able to talk about some of the topics he has recently emphasized such as the importance of

  • JA and PA: Only One Letter Separates Us

    A local story about an attack on a pilot carrying a Confederate flag goes viral and the Chief of Staff wants details.  An “opinion first, facts second” blog alleges apparent misdeeds at your base and NAF and MAJCOM commanders want to know what’s going on.  Area residents learn your aircrew are

  • Same path. Different journey.

    In 1943 Abraham Maslow theorized that humans have a Hierarchy of Needs that begins with the basics such as food, shelter and water and progresses gradually until we are searching for validation and higher meaning in our lives.   Maslow determined that every human has these needs and that their