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  • Farewell RODEO, Welcome Exercise Mobility Guardian

    For many years Air Mobility Command was proud to host the AMC RODEO—an international competition meant to showcase our collective Mobility Air Force skillsets in an atmosphere of friendly rivalry and esprit d ’corps.  RODEO was always a popular event, and did well to further build relationships and international partnerships while motivating units
  • No fight should be fought alone, especially loneliness

    In my family, Christmas time has always represented happiness, togetherness and caring for one another. In the warm embrace of our loved ones, we treasured what we had in our lives and tried our best to show our compassion for each other by spending time and sharing gifts with one another.
  • In the shadow of 88201

    I’ll never forget the first ride I took on a C-17 Globemaster III from McChord Air Force Base, Wash., tail number 88201 in January of 2014. Just before takeoff, we held a fallen hero ceremony on the ramp in Bagram, Afghanistan. Capt. David Lyon, my teammate and wingman on that deployment, had been killed along with two others by a vehicle-borne improvised explosive in Kabul a few days after Christmas.
  • Looking back on a year in command

    It has been a little more than a year since Command Chief Master Sgt. Tico Mazid and I joined forces as your command team for the 62nd Airlift Wing. We thought it would be appropriate to go over a few of the major highlights from the last 12 months. During the past year, we’ve played host to a number of elected officials, including Washington State
  • "The Quest for Zero - Countering Fatigue"

    Countering Fatigue Fatigue is often overlooked by many, but it is a normal response to stress, boredom, physical exertion or simply a lack of sleep. With today’s increasingly on-the-go, around-the-clock society, sleep deprivation is more prevalent than ever. Sleep is vital to our ability to perform in any situation. According to Talk About Sleep,
  • Leadership - The Art of Getting to "Yes"!

    Every day I have the privilege of working with Aerial Porter Airmen and Maintainers generating safe and reliable aircraft for the 62nd and 446th Airlift Wings.  The business of logistics and maintenance are risky and present many hazards, some even life-threatening.  In order to mitigate those threats, as the Maintenance Group commander, I demand
  • A chief master sergeant’s perspective on leadership

    Leadership is the ability to influence others to willingly work toward the mission and vision you have defined. In order to influence others, you must have a relationship -- and to have a relationship you must have trust.Simply put, no trust equals no relationship, and no relationship equals no influence.The goal is to motivate people to want to
  • Carrying the Rank

    On Monday, I along with a few hundred other Airmen put on technical sergeant. The customary congratulations and handshakes welcomed me into the next grade. Along with the "good jobs" I was asked many times "Are you excited?" depending on who asked I would of course say "yes", but when I was being honest I said "no". If it didn't completely confuse
  • Ready yourself

    Ready yourself. The next threat, challenge, and opportunity surely come."Aim High...Fly, Fight, Win!""Courage!""Willing and Able!"Whatever your institution or unit charge, it belies the preparation of a foundation towards purposeful action. Airman, Soldier, Government Employee, Leader, Community Partner, Washingtonian, Fellow Patriot...whatever
  • Follow the six Ts

    It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the commander of the 62nd Airlift Wing. I have witnessed firsthand your outstanding performance and attitudes over this first month and a half of command. I know this has been a summer of transition with changes of command for senior leadership throughout Joint Base Lewis-McChord.  I appreciate the efforts