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  • C-17 crews perform flawlessly on ice

    Roughly four hours after takeoff, there's a rumble downstairs as passengers and crew come to life and start preparing for what's ahead. Only an hour remains of the relative warmth inside the jet. It's about to get cold. Real cold.Upstairs, one by one, the crewmembers on the flight deck step away from their seats and begin the process of putting on
  • Safety is paramount when going back to school

    (Editor's note: The mention of the nonprofit organization Safe Kids USA does not constitute endorsement or affiliation by the U.S. Air Force or the 62nd Airlift Wing.)The term "back to school" often conjures thoughts of great deals on new backpacks, clothes and notebooks. It is often characterized as a fresh start for kids and a much-needed break
  • Promotion is in your hands

    It is up to the individual to get promoted advised enlisted members here.The enlisted promotion system is based on several weighted factors, most of which are within the member's control, Senior Master Sgt. Jeff Noxon, the Air Force Personnel Center enlisted promotions and testing superintendent, said. Those factors include: time-in-service,
  • New command chief ready to serve Airmen

    From touring different work areas and attending several official functions to participating in the last operational readiness exercise, the new command chief hit the ground running when he showed up the first day of work.Chief Master Sgt. Gordon Drake, the 62nd Airlift Wing's new command chief, has been here for less than three months, but he's
  • Medal of Honor recipient makes sergeant's re-enlistment memorable

    Not many Airmen, especially those who have had several, can look back and say that their re-enlistment was an event they'll remember for the rest of their life.This is not the case for one master sergeant because for her re-enlistment, retired Col. Joe Jackson, Medal of Honor recipient, administered the Oath of Enlistment."I was incredibly honored
  • 62nd Aerial Port Squadron: Moving you there

    Commonly referred to as "Military FedEx," the 62nd Aerial Port Squadron's mission is to take people and cargo to the fight. "Our mission is to move passengers and cargo where it needs to go," said Tech. Sgt. Charles Branum, 62nd APS shift supervisor. "We deliver for a channel, which is a normal day to day operation. Or, we deliver for mobility
  • The sweet, soulful sounds of country music

    The sweet, soulful sounds of country music lyrics flooded through the 62nd Maintenance Squadron's Non-Destructive Inspection office, drowning out the talk of aircraft maintenance ever so briefly. The melody wasn't coming from a radio turned up past a respectable volume, but from Airman 1st Class Rachel Kleist, 62nd MXS, who was performing an ad hoc
  • 62nd MXS PMEL flight maintains standard of perfection

    Something as simple as an over-tightened or loose bolt can bring down a flying aircraft; an under- or over-inflated aircraft tire can explode and cause damage to personnel and equipment; and a radio tuned to the incorrect frequency can be the difference between identifying friends or foes. With such a minuscule margin of error separating the
  • FSS Airman recognized for ‘doing it right’

    Every shirt was tightly folded, the canned goods and beverages were perfectly aligned on the shelves and even the loose change was stacked in perfection on the desk.And that's just how Airman 1st Class Daniel Kim, 62nd Force Support Squadron, likes to keep his dorm room on a daily basis.After a recent random dorm room inspection some Airmen from
  • Phoenix Spouse takes care of Airmen, families

    It's not like Elaine McPherson doesn't have enough on her plate.A mother of five with a husband who is a member of the 62nd Security Forces Squadron, Mrs. McPherson has a lot going on between family commitments and keeping the household together when her husband is flying or deployed.But she makes time nevertheless to fulfill her duty as a Phoenix