Age Ranger makes his mark while deployed

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Rebecca Blossom
  • 62nd Maintenance Squadron AGE Flight Unit Public Affairs Representative
Staff Sgt. Andrew Snow is an aerospace ground equipment technician from the 62nd Maintenance Squadron who has commanded the attention of his supervision by exceeding standards and going above beyond his assigned duties while deployed with the 386th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Southwest Asia.

Snow deployed to Ali Al Salem Air Base in December 2013, and since his arrival there, he has developed a reputation for his work, winning the Enlisted Maintenance Group Knucklebuster of the Month award and being recognized by his commander for overhauling an unserviceable fuel bowser.

"Sergeant Snow is an essential member of our maintenance team, flawlessly completing our primary duty of maintaining flight line support equipment, as well as providing top-notch training to both subordinates and external customers, the users of our equipment," said Michael Applegate, 62nd MXS AGE flight chief. "Snow undoubtedly took that same work ethic with him to his deployed location, and has been dedicated to improving his 'foster flight' despite the austere conditions. The fact that he was nominated for the annual Knucklebuster award proves beyond any doubt that he was pivotal to the accomplishments of his flight."

Working with fellow AGE technicians, Snow put in more than 16 hours of work to repair and paint an old fuel bowser that hadn't received maintenance for more than eight years. Although deemed as scrap, Snow and his unit were able to restore the bowser back to operational order and save the Air Force thousands of dollars.

"Because of the boundless drive our flight has to make our presence known in the area of responsibility, we jump on every opportunity to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary," said Snow. "That's how we make this maintenance group shine."

Snow's deployed AGE flight has revamped more than 20 programs, some of which were more than three years out of date, and aided in the success of the Kuwaiti open house air show, melding the bond between the United States and the State of Kuwait.

Snow's flight also has repaired multiple generators for the base's security forces squadron, receiving numerous letters of appreciation from the SFS commander. The flight was recently recognized as the group's Maintenance Team of the Month, with multiple group-level award winners in the flight.

Those who work with Snow contribute much of the flight's teamwork and success to him.

"Sergeant Snow holds himself to an extremely high standard and that work ethic influences me, as well as others, to do the same," said Staff Sgt. Matthew Vanderwater, 62nd MXS aerospace ground equipment technician. "He has incredible integrity. He takes responsibility for his own actions, but will always pass on the praise and doesn't crave the spotlight."

In light of all of the progress he's made in the past few months, Snow's experience deployed has been an impactful learning experience for him.

"This deployment has done great things for me," said Snow. "I have grown physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. I have learned even more about my job as well as other career fields and their jobs."

The 62nd AGE Flight is looking forward to having Snow back in the shop and doing the quality work that he's known for, both far and near.

"Regardless of the circumstances, we can always count on him," said Applegate. "I can assign him taskings with a 'fire and forget' mindset without any worries of the completed product. That kind of dependability is irreplaceable to a person in my position."