What's the deal with all the blue bikes?

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Sean Tobin
  • 62nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Have you noticed all the big blue beach cruisers placed strategically around base and wondered why they're here?

There are 50 of them around McChord Field and they've been here over a year now.

The bikes are part of a bike share program that was developed from a suggestion during an Airmen's panel. The idea was to provide a source of transportation for Airmen who don't have access to a vehicle.

The bikes are placed strategically around base at five pick-up and drop-off points. Those locations are at the dormitories outside buildings 572 and 1172, outside buildings 1210 and 1216 near the 446th Airlift Wing headquarters building, and at the USO, building 1330.

Rules for participating in the program are based on the honor system and include:
  • Riders must be military servicemembers
  • Riders must provide their own helmet and properly wear it while riding
  • Bikes must remain on McChord Field
  • All traffic laws must be obeyed
  • Riders are not to use sidewalks and cannot take the bikes on the flight line or in base housing
  • Riding after consuming alcohol is prohibited
  • Bikes must be returned to designated pick-up/drop-off locations
  • Bikes cannot be ridden during hours of darkness
  • Riders must not abuse the bikes or perform stunts with them
  • Riders assume all risks
Any questions, suggestions or repair requests can be directed to Master Sgt. Brian Lowry at (253) 982-0426.