Meet LaJuana Clark, CFC charity beneficiary

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LaJuana Clark had lost her job, her driver's license, and nearly everything. After living on the streets and struggling with addiction for more than a year, LaJuana finally began taking steps to turn her life around - literally.

LaJuana became involved with a Combined Federal Campaign-funded charity that partners with D.C. area homeless shelters and recovery facilities to start running teams. Residents are invited to join teams that run three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 5:45 a.m.. As soon as LaJuana heard about the program, she signed up.

"LaJuana is amazing," says CFC charity representative Autumn Campbell. "Our organization has assisted LaJuana I think in the biggest way by allowing her to see that she's capable of doing so many things and really changing the way she sees herself. In becoming a runner, LaJuana is now able to identify herself with something that is positive. She's an incredible person."

Through her participation in a CFC-funded charity, LaJuana was able to overcome some of the financial barriers that were contributing to a cycle of homelessness and addiction. Her CFC funded charity helped her go back to school, as well as provided transportation assistance for her. She is now looking forward to a bright future made visible to her through contributions from the Combined Federal Campaign.

When asked what difference the Combined Federal Campaign has made in her life, LaJuana is quick to smile. "My CFC funded charity has provided me with opportunities to go back to school, to get back to work, and to get my life back in order."

"Support from the Combined Federal Campaign has been instrumental throughout our program," says Autumn. "We plan to start one - if not two - new teams over the next year. That's been made possible because of the funds we receive through the CFC. Were we not to receive those funds, we would be in a much different position than we are today. We also have many volunteers and supporters who are involved with our program simply because they heard about us through the Combined Federal Campaign."