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  • OG chief praises change of command

    The 62nd Operations Group recently held a change of command ceremony, where we bid farewell to Col. Paul Eberhart and his wife Lori, and welcomed our new commander Col. Andrew Hird and his wife Alicia. The change of command ceremony is a long-lasting tradition and is the formal symbolic passing of responsibility, authority and accountability of
  • New IG at McChord Field outlines purpose

    As your newly appointed wing inspector general, I wanted to introduce myself and provide a brief overview of the IG office complaint inquiries function.The term "inspector general" has been used historically in various governments and militaries throughout the world to denote an independent agency that ensures combat readiness of subordinate units.
  • Your Air Force career is what you make of it

    Years ago when I joined the Air Force, I was just looking for a way out so that I would not become one of the societal statistics. Right after graduating high school, I went to the recruiter's office and asked for a "job" that would get me around airplanes and he said, "I have the perfect job for you; it is air transportation." The only question I
  • Spiritual fitness in a ‘K-Cup’ world

    I love the aroma of a hot pot of coffee filling the house when I step in the door on a cool day and I like the social dynamic of making a pot to share with others. I never thought I would want one of those machines that makes single cups of coffee until my wife gave me one for my birthday. I had argued that they were too expensive to purchase and
  • Salute to armed forces women

    Throughout history women have long fought for the right to be included in many facets of society. From the right to vote to breaking into traditionally all-male professions, the list of victorious battles and achievements goes on and on. Where would we be (or wouldn't be) today if not for the dedication and pavement of the women before us? If
  • Take the time, effort to make a memory

    Imagine the year is 2048, sitting around the back porch with your family and friends talking about the "good ole days" back when you were an Airman. What will your Air Force story be? What will you remember about your time in our Air Force when you are 60? Will you remember the inspections, long temporary duties, deployments and pins in your map?
  • Join a professional organization

    When was the last time someone spoke with you about the importance of joining a professional organization? Some examples of professional organizations available on McChord Field include the Air Force Sergeant's Association, Company Grade Officer's Council, Top 3, 5/6 Club , Rising 4, Airmen Against Drunk Driving...the list goes on and on! Having
  • Take your leadership role to the big leagues and beyond

    For just a moment, join me in thinking about people who wore a different type of uniform - not military uniforms - but team uniforms of the National Football League. Besides playing in the NFL, what do Troy Smith, Danny Wuerffel, Eric Crouch, Andre Ware, Jason White, Gary Beban and Rashan Salam all have in common? They were ultra-successful college
  • What to do next...

    It's a new year, the sun is shining and great opportunities lie ahead. Okay, maybe the sun hasn't been shining here at Joint Base Lewis-McChord very much lately, but opportunities do lie ahead. We will all have the opportunity to take on an important role over the next few months during conversations with our co-workers. With the threat of a
  • The new Air Force inspection program

    In 2010, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz tasked the Air Force inspector general to give the Air Force inspection program a major overhaul. You may have noticed a few changes as a result, such as the implementation of the Consolidated Unit Inspection. The overall goal of the CUI was to combine and integrate multiple inspections,