What to do next...

  • Published
  • By Maj. Clinton Varty
  • 62nd Maintenance Operations Squadron commander
It's a new year, the sun is shining and great opportunities lie ahead. Okay, maybe the sun hasn't been shining here at Joint Base Lewis-McChord very much lately, but opportunities do lie ahead. We will all have the opportunity to take on an important role over the next few months during conversations with our co-workers.

With the threat of a looming fiscal "cliff" and sequestration, budget cuts, cutting all temporary duties and...man it makes my head want to explode with all the what-ifs.

But, as members and leaders of this great Air Force, we all have a part during these challenging times. All of the upcoming challenges are very serious and elicit deep emotions, but we all have a responsibility to maintain our professionalism and remain level-headed. The rumors are already floating around; you'll hear stuff like, "there is a list with names of who will be cut", "I heard we can't buy anything with our government purchase card", or "you'll never go TDY again." I'm sure I can come up with a few more that I've heard, but the bottom line is that we all can control the gossip.

As Airmen, we must be leaders regardless of position or rank. Our professionalism compels us to stop the rumors and their madness; they serve no point but to sew frustration over events that have yet to unfold. If you hear someone expounding about the information they "heard" you can do two things, participate in the gossip and pass it to someone else, or mention that despite all the "info on the street" you're going to wait and see what comes out through official channels.

Rest assured that leaders at every level are being as transparent as they can with the changes that lie ahead. If we all keep a level-head and professional attitude, then when the official guidance comes out, we all will be able to execute the plan. Beyond this event and into 2013 you can take the next "crisis" or "challenge" and replace it with the above mentioned issues, and all the same principles still apply...remain professional and level-headed, we will have a great 2013!