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  • Let's eliminate sexual assault

    Sexual assault is not just a women's issue. It's a cancerous crime that does not discriminate on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, color, age, or rank. We know that 8,600 female and 10,700 male warriors, as estimated by the Department of Defense in 2010, were injured by these acts of violence. Now, more than ever, Airmen need to come
  • Volunteer Airman

    There's so much negative feedback out there in response to Air Force stories and on other military forums about volunteering, so I felt it necessary to present an alternative viewpoint for impressionable Airmen -- or even a jaded NCO or senior NCO -- who might have gotten some "bad gouge" from peers. What does the Air Force instructions say? AFI
  • Staying fit overrated or is it?

    I can't tell you how much the Air Force fitness program has changed and improved over the years. The benefits of a daily workout routine and the rewards, mentally and physically, are priceless.When I was active duty in the 1990s as a young technical sergeant, stationed at then-McChord Air Force Base, the call was made for me to deploy to Puerto
  • A mighty mentoring tool

    Get mentored or get left behind. Air Force development opportunities are becoming more competitive and without proper guidance an officer stands the chance of missing important milestones. While still a mystery to most, Air Mobility Command's ribbon chart is a mighty, yet highly underutilized developmental tool for mentorship. Officers must embrace
  • Tips for thriving as an active duty military mom

    You've had a good day. Before most people even got out of bed, you packed three healthy lunches (or, at least, mostly healthy lunches), one for you and two for your kids, found two hats for the school's "funny hat" school spirit day, signed up for parent volunteer activities you could do at home; and got your kids to school and yourself to work on
  • A tough road home

    Coming home from a deployment can be tough. I've been on six so far, but the last one was by far the hardest to come back from. Not because I had such a great time but because so much had changed in my life while gone. Before I finished Combat Airman Skills Training, I found out my wife was six weeks pregnant. I hadn't even started my year-long
  • The importance of timely, honest feedback

    Throughout our careers, we've all been told the importance of timely and honest feedback. In fact, it's required to be documented on every performance report. Although a date is almost always on the performance report, many of us have known individuals that haven't received feedback, or their supervisors told them, "I give you feedback every day."
  • Need a change? Try a special duty assignment

    Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut and not being challenged on the job? Like you come to work every day and nothing changes? You may be eligible and qualified right now for one or more Air Force special duty assignments that are sure to change up your current routine. I have been extremely fortunate to have worked in three special duty
  • How deep is your bench?

    Some short-lived Cinderella stories and truly excellent teams competing at their best during the NCAA basketball tournament last month were a college basketball fan's dream come true. As each team strived for a win to advance to the next round, it became clear that star players don't always get the job done, become injured, or the glamour goes to
  • Balancing AF and you

    Our organization is without a doubt the greatest on the face of the earth. We recruit, mold, and retain energetic highly competent driven professionals with "can-do" personalities and attitudes. Otherwise known as you! Each of you is the reason our Air Force succeeds. You get the job done no matter the personal cost. When lives are at stake and the