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  • Being there

    While I was attending a chief leadership course, years back, I was dismayed to here my class mentor tell me that when his daughter called home with a problem, she would never ask to talk with him, she would always ask for her Mom. This sad fact of their family life was a result of him never being there when his daughter was growing up. This
  • Change is inevitable and resistance futile

    Think about this, 22 years ago I walked into my first unit, got the tour and was introduced to the aircrew scheduler. Sitting in front of him was a three-ring binder and set of colored pencils. Each pencil color represented a different event (blue for leave, red for mission, green for training, etc.) That was how they kept track of who was doing
  • Ready for war

    Are you ready to go to war? As Air Force members, we should all be prepared to deploy and serve in a combat zone. But are you totally ready? Are you physically, medically and mentally prepared and ready to serve in the capacity your country expects of you?In the Air Force, we're expected to maintain certain physical standards to be able to perform
  • A month to remember

      Between September 11th and October 11th, a 30-day period equal to one month, we are asked to remember some of the most historical events in the U.S. Air Force and the world.We are asked to remember the brutal attacks of 9/11, we are asked to remember those who sacrificed so much as Prisoners of War or former Missing in Action service members, we
  • Successful flights, educational plans take similar skills

     Successful flight missions don't happen by chance. They take careful aircraft maintenance, mission planning, accurate flight plans, and crew coordination in flight to meet the demands of a dynamic environment. Achieving voluntary educational goals takes similar attention-to-detail skills. With the newly released Air Force Tuition Assistance
  • Travel expands your horizons

    "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." --St. AugustineA lifetime of travel, mostly with the military, has shown me that St. Augustine's words are still true 16 centuries later. I hope that some of my words will also ring true for you.U.S. military service members and their families have unique opportunities to travel
  • Innovation is anything but business as usual

    As we finally finished unpacking our boxes from last summer's permanent change of station, I came across a couple of old college textbooks. Although their content is somewhat outdated, one book in particular has undeniable sentimental value. The fifth edition cover of "Financial Markets and Institutions" depicts a sunrise panorama photo of the
  • Acknowledging those who've gone before us

    As some of you may or not know, Sunday, Sept. 8, was National Grandparents Day. If you're like me, you may not have had the chance to celebrate this special day with your Grandparents in person. This doesn't mean you cannot still embrace the opportunity to make a big difference in their day or the day of another one of our community elders.If your
  • Words from Mrs. Patti J. Bufala-Kaighn to the community and her son

    I haven't said this because, number one, it's painful and number two, it's somewhat embarrassing. But maybe it's time I do. My whole life changed in a matter of one second. Alan's actions on the night of June 1, 2013, have not only has taken his life, but mine as well, and many other hearts are torn.   It was not
  • Who puts the “Win” in “Fly, Fight, Win”?

    The mission of the United States Air Force is to "Fly, Fight and Win...in Air, Space and Cyberspace." However, unless we're watching Charlie Sheen interviews on the internet (search "Charlie Sheen interview winning") we don't hear much discussion about winning these days. Personally, I think the Air Force is ready to talk winning.Last Friday at