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  • Positive attitude, focus key to success while deployed

    Over the last couple of decades, Air Force deployments have gone from the exception to the norm. No longer do folks talk about if they'll deploy, now the discussion is when they'll deploy -- or even more common, when they'll deploy next. Just the other day, while deployed here in Southwest Asia, I asked a security forces member nearing the end of a
  • Upcoming group reorganizations will streamline operations

    In my last article, I compared life to a game of Texas Hold 'Em poker and the final statement was "I can't wait to see what is in your winning hand." Life certainly ran Team McChord hard over the past seven months. A short-notice Nuclear Surety Inspection, a Logistics Standardization Evaluation Program/Unit Compliance Inspection, an Air Traffic
  • Pride in mission unites Team McChord

    With the sun making a welcomed and unexpected visit during this past President's Day weekend, I like many, took advantage of the weather and headed out to see what the members of Team McChord did during their "down time". Of many experiences, I had the pleasure of seeing two retirees walking along a perimeter road, in conversation, pausing every
  • Embrace, celebrate McChord’s diversity

    Every February, our great nation celebrates the history of African-Americans during Black History Month. Team McChord will take time to remember some of the great leaders that helped shape our nation during its annual Black History Month luncheon at the McChord Clubs and Community Center on Tuesday at 11 a.m. In honor of the celebration, I thought
  • Team McChord is synonymous with family

    During the past two weeks, I have had the chance to meet many of the outstanding professionals comprising Team McChord. After only a few visits to offices here on base, I immediately realized why McChord has earned so many awards and accolades. I have no doubt the best combat airlifters in Air Mobility Command reside right here at McChord. There is
  • Thanks Team McChord for a great welcome

    Thank you, Team McChord! Tina and I are excited to be a part of this great family. I want to say thanks to everyone who helped put together the world class change of command ceremony last Wednesday. It was a perfect beginning for my family and I, and we couldn't be more appreciative of all the hard work that went into this memorable event! I must
  • Team McChord: It's been a privilege

    On Wednesday, we will pass the 62nd Airlift Wing flag from one wing commander to another. It is difficult for me to think of no longer being McChord's wing commander, because I have such strong affection for the men and women who make this a great and successful wing. We have accomplished much together, and had fun doing it. Our Excellent Unit
  • Team McChord: Ready when duty calls

    Our motto, Global Reach for America, rang loud and true last week. A C-17 from McChord air dropped critical engine supplies to a disabled British fishing trawler caught for over two weeks in packed ice off Antarctica's northern coast. The Argos Georgia had a very grim outlook with dangerous icebergs and low-pressure weather systems looming in the
  • As UCI draws near, remain steadfast in preparation

    If you found yourself sheltered-in-place, getting recalled, or waiting at a longer line at the front gate this week, you may have been expecting this and it should remind you that we have a very large inspection coming up in January. The UCI is just 22 days away and you have all done a great job completing a busy week full of exercises in
  • Use caution when dealing with winter weather

    This past weekend, you may have had the opportunity to experience the first snow fall of the season. For some, this is an exciting time to get outdoors with your friends and family to enjoy sledding, skiing, and other winter activities. For others, you may be dreading the hazardous road conditions and below freezing temperatures. Regardless of your