Promotions: More than just stitching on new rank

  • Published
  • By Col. Jerry Martinez
  • 62nd Airlift Wing commander
We received great news last Thursday when the Air Force released the master and technical sergeant promotion results.

Nearly 150 McChord Airmen were selected to serve in a higher grade after demonstrating sustained superior performance amongst their peers.

I'm proud to announce that we have 74 selected for technical sergeant and 71 for master sergeant. (See the full list of McChord promotees on Page 6.)

Being promoted is a tremendous achievement and was earned through perseverance and hard work for our Air Force.

But let's not forget that being promoted requires much more than just sewing an extra stripe on your sleeve. Every officer and noncommissioned officer will now expect more from our promotees.

More leadership in and out of the work centers. More commitment to our Air Force core values both on and off the job.

And finally, being promoted often means spending more time in the office taking care of people.

With each promotion, especially to technical and master sergeant, our promotees continue to inch away from the nuts and bolts of the job.

Instead of turning a wrench or processing a travel claim, those promoted often migrate to enhanced leadership positions, ensuring those within their organizations have the skills and stamina to perform the mission.

For some, this is a challenging transition because they've dedicated their careers to becoming technical experts in their chosen field.

I ask our promotees to embrace their new responsibilities because we need strong leaders at every level to achieve mission success -- from getting our jets airborne to paying our people accurately and on time. 

Those things don't happen without strong NCOs enabling the mission by ensuring their Airmen are ready to tackle any task.

With every promotion announcement we have many deserving folks who barely miss the mark. For those who didn't make it this time, don't be discouraged.

Use the skills learned to help prepare for your next testing cycle. 

Also, take heart in knowing that the accomplishments of your peers are a reflection of your own efforts, since each of us is able to excel because of the full efforts of the team.

To pay tribute to the Airmen recognized in this paper, please join me and Chief Kuck for a promotion celebration today at McChord's Clubs and Community Center.

This is also an opportunity for our promotees to thank their fellow Airmen for the support and encouragement that facilitated their promotion.

We'll see you there!

Again, congrats to our promotees. I'm proud to serve with each of you!