McChord’s success direct result of teamwork between groups, wings

  • Published
  • By Col. Damon Booth
  • 62nd Operations Group commander
Today, I complete 23 months in command of the 62nd Operations Group.

For me this has been the highlight of my career because of the teamwork I have experienced across the base during my time in command.

As I reflect on the group's accomplishments, I realize our success is a direct result of the teamwork between groups and wings here at McChord. 

I am glad I had the opportunity to experience Team McChord first hand.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my McChord teammates for supporting the group's aircrew and operations support Airmen.

Working together as a team, we have provided our nation with the best combat airlift support possible for our armed forces engaged in combat in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

Daily, as a team, we provide the air bridge of freedom and life for OEF and OIF.

Col. Tim McCauley and the 62nd Medical Group have kept our aircrew healthy and certified to fly.

Col. Keith Yaktus and the 62nd Mission Support Group have provided force protection, flight meals, communications and navigation aids, a safe runway and airfield environment for us to operate from, aerial port services for loading and unloading our aircraft and building our airdrop-training loads.

Col. Jim Weber and the 62nd Maintenance Group always provide the aircrew with safe jets to fly.

The 446th Operations Group, our group's Reserve mission partner, has been outstanding. We are teammates in the combat airlift business.

The 446th OG has provided an exceptional number of volunteer aircrews to help reduce our active-duty operations tempo and allow for a smooth transition to our new two expeditionary airlift squadron deployment concept.

Finally, my best memories of teamwork here at Team McChord is how both of our active duty and Reserve wings came together to pass 2006's operational readiness inspection with accolades from the inspector general team.

Another operational example of the success of our partnership is how well we teamed together to execute the Operation Deep Freeze mission in Antarctica.

To all my teammates here at McChord, I want to thank you for making this a great assignment, where we made the words of John Maxwell come true: "TEAM, Together Everyone Accomplishes More."