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  • Let’s celebrate our diversity

    Hispanic Heritage Month is a time for Hispanic Americans to affirm our past and set future goals. It is also a time to increase awareness of Hispanic culture. There is no such thing as a generic Hispanic. Some Hispanics are recent immigrants from Latin America. Others trace their ancestry as far back as the Spanish conquest. Some Hispanics are
  • High-ops tempo produces character, persistence

    I came across a "Dear Boss" letter that caught my attention. The author, an Air Force captain, wrote to the then Tactical Air Command Commander, Gen. Wilbur Creech. The captain wrote, "Well, I quit. I've finally run out of drive or devotion or rationalizations or whatever it was that kept me in the Air Force this long. Why leave flying fighters and
  • The Air Force exists to secure freedom around the world

    We can never forget why we wear the uniform, or what our primary purpose is for wearing the uniform. We are here to secure our freedom, for our countrymen, for our families, for our friends, and it may seem lately, for the entire world.This is not another notion sparked by the events of Sept. 11; but one that I have held long before Sept. 11 took
  • Get out of your workcenter and get involved

    Earlier this week, I sent out an email listing upcoming meetings for different base councils from the Rising 4 to the Top 3. If you're a supervisor and didn't mark your calendar with these dates, whether it's so you or the Airmen around you can attend, you need to reconsider your action. These organizations have my, as well as the rest of wing
  • Be prepared to meet the challenge

    This past weekend McChord celebrated the Air Force's birthday. I want to thank Capt. Mark Barbire and the entire Air Force Ball committee for a wonderful event. Hangar 3 has never looked so good. I enjoyed seeing so many of you and your spouses relaxing and having fun together.As we gear up for the upcoming Air Expeditionary Force deployments, many
  • First-line supervisors vital to professional growth of Airmen

    Leadership is stressed at all levels, but where do you think it is most critical? If you study leadership, you will find there are traits leaders learn and possess which make them effective leaders. These qualities have not changed over time. Weapons, weapon systems, communications, intelligence gathering and timeliness of actions have changed and
  • You have to look your Airmen in the eyes

    People like to talk about the lost art of communication. For the most part, it's true that these days our Airmen lean more towards electronic forms of communication, like e-mail, cell phones and personal digital assistants. However like art, if you as a noncommissioned officer are not exposing those you supervise to anything different, how can our
  • Celebrate the past, look to the future

    This week began in mourning as American flags around the world flew at half-staff to honor the innocent victims of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.It was a moving experience to see the parade field with all the flags, and I thank all of you who gathered Monday morning to pay tribute to our fallen countrymen and women. It was an honor to have Gov.
  • Investing in the future: Airmen’s time away nets huge return

    When looking into financial investments, one component of concern is the return rate.  Every investor asks themselves the same questions: How much am I going to make on this investment?  What will I get in return? This concept also carries over into other facets of life, including the military. As supervisors and leaders, when you provide an Airman
  • Never forget the sacrifices of our POWs, MIAs

    At many Air Force formal ceremonies, a small table sits off to the side dressed in a white tablecloth and set for one. It is reserved to honor 's prisoners of war or those missing in action.While the table itself is simple reminder of those who answered our country's call to serve, it symbolizes an entire nation's resolve to never forget their