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  • Branching out our environmental awareness

    Today, local Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts will join Col. Shane Hershman, 62nd Airlift Wing vice commander, to plant 11 flowering plum trees along Tuskegee Boulevard in celebration of Arbor Day. Arbor Day was created by a settler in Nebraska in the late 1800s to encourage other settlers to plant trees to beautify the empty land. Within a few short
  • Give yourselves credit for getting the mission done

    Currently we have the nuclear surety inspection team on board, and I know we will do very well. Later this summer we look forward to a having a few major events, such as Rodeo and another deployment cycle. I've been at McChord for about a year now, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to reflect on the great accomplishments I've seen from our
  • Team McChord primed for nuclear inspectors

    Tuesday, Team McChord will welcome inspectors from Air Mobility Command to the base for our Nuclear Surety Inspection. This demanding inspection will test every aspect of our nuclear surety program and many units throughout the base. Inspectors have already evaluated McChord Airmen on various aspects of this program and will complete their
  • Create a personal plan

    Are you on the right track? If so, are you moving forward? Are you happy with the position you're in? Do you have a plan for success? More specifically, do you have your Community College of the Air Force associate's degree? If not, have you completed any courses or tests this year to get you credit toward your CCAF or bachelor's degree? Time will
  • Physical fitness can lead to personal success

    If you're wondering why the Air Force stresses the importance of physical fitness, think of how a healthy lifestyle leads to success. Regular exercise can help build self-confidence and, in turn, sharpen your leadership ability. If you're physically fit, you can accomplish anything. Every so often, I gather students from the Julius Kolb Airman
  • Increase your offensive, defensive edge

    As Sexual Assault Awareness Month draws near, I'm reminded again just how important every Airman is to the team. Preventing sexual assault is not just about heightening awareness -- it's about being good wingmen. The original idea behind the wingman is mutual support between pilots in air combat. Not only do wingmen increase the offensive edge,
  • Stand up against sexual assault

    Sexual Assault is the most underreported violent crime in America today. Because of this, the Air Force strives to ensure all Airmen are aware sexual assault is a crime. To combat sexual assault, the Department of Defense has implemented the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program, which incorporates a comprehensive policy that reinforces a
  • Airmen must be flexible

    Today's Air Force is constantly changing. Whether through technological advances, force shaping or joint basing, every day these changes lead to new challenges. As Airmen, we must be able to adapt and overcome in order to successfully accomplish the mission. The following five characteristics are traits that, if possessed, will enable Airman to
  • Women’s History Month celebrates progress

    Throughout our history, women have made great contributions to our country. Women fought for independence, became doctors, ministers and lawyers; and this was all before finally gaining the right to vote in 1920. It's in honor of these great women of our past that McChord celebrates Women's History Month this March. In the Revolutionary War, when
  • Senior noncommissioned officers rise above odds

    This week, the list of senior master sergeant selectees was released. Accepting this stripe symbolizes more than another promotion in your career. You've fought an uphill battle and will soon be one step closer to becoming the highest enlisted grade in the Air Force. Let's examine what it takes to become a senior master sergeant. In addition to the