Top enlisted members become influences for success

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Russell Kuck
  • 62nd Airlift Wing command chief master sergeant
Tonight we will recognize seven of McChord's new chiefs and chief selects. Planning for the responsibility of a promotion is not limited. It's an ongoing mission that continues all the way to our highest enlisted tier, including the promotion to chief. 

Assuming the highest enlisted grade is a big step. You must be prepared to distinguish yourself and be ready to take on the challenges as a chief. Our junior Airmen, both enlisted and officers, look up to you. You are at the top of the tier, and they depend on you for all the answers and guidance. 

Your influence needs to be the one that stands out from others. After all, only one percent of enlisted Airmen are chiefs. Making it to this point solidifies all you've done up to this point in your career. Don't let your ambitions go beyond your own desires and interests. Remember why you were selected, and follow through on your commitment. 

Becoming a chief provides an opportunity for your full potential to come to life. Your word is your bond. Continue to put your service and your Airmen first, and see how your leadership excels through every accomplishment. 

Putting on this last stripe should not be the final milestone in your career ... rather it is the beginning of an outstanding journey. Being a chief is a challenging role to fill, but I firmly believe the Air Force selected the right people for the job. It's your time to shine, chiefs! Hooah!