7th Airlift Squadron

7th Airlift Squadron unit patch

7th Airlift Squadron (7 AS)

Welcome to the 7th Airlift Squadron, supporting America's airlift needs, past and future! No airlift squadron has a longer record of distinguished service to the nation as they continue to live up to their motto: Willing and able.

The 7th AS was McChord's first C-17 squadron and throughout its history, continually accomplished many firsts, including landing the first C-17 on a patch of frozen sea water at McMurdo Station in Antarctica in 1999, and landing the first C-17 in North Korea a few weeks later.




America's sharpest airlifters ... Making it count
Willing and able!



Lt. Col. Susanne Lonsberry official photo with American flag background

Lt. Col. Brandon Westling
7th Airlift Squadron

7th Airlift Squadron
1145 Levitow Blvd.
JBLM W.A. 98438

DSN: 382-2655
Comm: (253) 982-2655