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7th Airlift Squadron (7 AS)

Welcome to the 7th Airlift Squadron, supporting America's airlift needs, past and future! No airlift squadron has a longer record of distinguished service to the nation as they continue to live up to their motto: Willing and able.

The 7th AS was McChord's first C-17 squadron and throughout its history, continually accomplished many firsts, including landing the first C-17 on a patch of frozen sea water at McMurdo Station in Antarctica in 1999, and landing the first C-17 in North Korea a few weeks later.




America's sharpest airlifters ... Making it count
Willing and able!


The 7th Airlift Squadron was constituted Oct. 1, 1933, as the 7th Troop Carrier Squadron. Before World War II, the squadron provided airlift throughout the U.S., Panama, Canada, and Alaska. In 1942, it was among the first units to deploy into the war zone.

During the Korean conflict, the 7th flew long, over-water missions to Japan while temporarily assigned to McChord Air Force Base. It later received two Outstanding Unit Awards for support to the French in Vietnam and efforts during the Cuban Blockade.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the 7th provided humanitarian support after Hurricanes Hugo, Andrew, and Iniki; flood relief to Bangladesh and evacuation support after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines. In addition, the 7th provided critical airlift support during Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, as well as delivering thousands of tons of relief supplies to the former Soviet Union.

In 1993, the 7th AS returned to McChord and the 62nd Airlift Wing from Travis Air Force Base, Calif.


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Lt. Col. Jamil Musa

7th Airlift Squadron

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