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  • Summer busiest time to PCS:Traffic management office offers advice for smooth moves

    Summertime for many means time spent with family and travel ... but not always in the form of a vacation. This time of year traditionally sees a lot of change of stations, causing many Airmen to pack for more than just a few days off. However, Rocky Deaton, 62nd Aerial Port Squadron Traffic Management Office chief of personal property, said
  • Fitness meets scenic beauty in local parks: Hiking, biking, diving available nearby

    Editor's note: The following is the first in a series of articles highlighting Washington's great outdoors. Articles in the Northwest Airlifter featuring information on state parks do not imply Air Force endorsement. Whether you're looking for outdoor adventure or a quiet retreat from the world, you'll find it in one of Washington's many state
  • Ruff Mission: Airmen, working dogs keep tight leash on safety

    Dogs are proving once again to be man's best friend by risking their lives for their country alongside the men and women of the armed forces. Canine patriots like Kimbo from the 62nd Security Forces Squadron are busier and more in-demand than ever because they can seek out bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan and help the Army and Marines combat the enemy
  • Honor Guard always on call

    Neatly pinned on a bulletin board encased in glass, each handwritten thank you card and heartfelt letter is proudly on display for all those who set foot in the honor guard office at McChord. "That's my baby," said Tech. Sergeant Douglas Pecor, 62nd Services Squadron, beaming with pride while admiring the fruits of his team's hard work. "I tell all
  • T-shirts offered as incentive for fitness program

    If a clean bill of health isn't a good enough reason to start getting in shape, here's another -- free T-shirts. The McChord Fitness Center Incentive Program offers free T-shirts to those tough and committed enough to complete six different feats of strength and agility. The program, which has been in existence for a little over a year, offers
  • Operation Purple Camp Washington a hit

    As the CH-47 Chinook helicopter touched down in the midst of a whirlwind of dust and debris, the rear door opened and four Army Reservists wearing full military garb and holding rubber weapons stormed out to greet the children. "It got them going," said Gabe Laramie, Operation Purple Camp counselor from the 62nd Services Squadron, of the roaring
  • Professor returns to AF roots

    Success is something we all desire, whether it's financial or personal. Most of the time reaching your goals takes hard work and dedication -- two qualities synonymous with success in the Air Force. For one former Airman, it was these characteristics which not only put him on the road to success, but also led him back to the Air Force. "I learned
  • Kicking your way to fitness

    Whether people kickbox in an organized class or in front of the TV, those who participate in the activity reap the benefits of an improved cardiovascular system while having fun and relieving stress. Kickboxing, also known as boxing aerobics or cardio kickboxing, is a mixture of martial arts and aerobics. Unlike the traditional walk or jog,
  • Show me the money: Squadron's attention to detail earns it praise from peers

    During the months that preceded the Operational Readiness Inspection, if you wanted to find a 62nd Comptroller Squadron Airman, all you had to do was look for someone walking around in Bldg. 100 wearing a reflective belt. Though their preparations may have seemed odd to others, there was a method to the squadron's madness … and their plan paid off.