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  • McChord's aircrews slide through Deep Freeze

    One thing about flying here is McChord C-17 pilots don't have to worry about bird strikes until they land on the frozen runway. Air Force jets are about the only birds that fly this far south -- the other birds walk. Despite a frigid 5 degrees below zero with winds gusting up to 28 miles an hour, the McChord-based aircrew lifted off from their base
  • Aircraft parts store supplies nuts, bolts of Air Force mission

    While at technical training school, Airman Laketta Evans, 62nd Logistics Readiness Squadron, wasn't shy about asking her instructors how the different jobs in the Air Force link together. Airman Evans didn't have to wait long to find out how important the parts store is in the bigger Air Force picture. "I didn't know exactly how much it would be a
  • McChord’s chapel staff offers spiritual renewal

    While the primary focus of chapel services is hosting religious services at McChord, the chapel staff's effort and message often extend well beyond the pews and the building's steeple. The chapel staff prides itself on serving Airmen at home and while deployed, with their main focus being to serve as counselors to those in need. "In that sense of
  • Base historian ensures McChord’s accomplishments are not forgotten

    The base historian isn't someone you're likely to run into on a routine basis, since he spends most of his time by himself, poring over classified documents and writing a detailed history of McChord's activities. "Most of the time I'm in my office with the door closed," said Tech. Sgt. Kevan Kipp, 62nd Airlift Wing, who has worked as McChord's base
  • McChord’s flight kitchen caters to needs of Airmen

    When stomachs start growling in the middle of a night shift, Airmen working on the flightline don't have many meal options to choose from. That's when the flight kitchen comes to the rescue. "When you can't go to another area to eat due to mission constraints, that's where we come in," said Tech. Sgt Sarah Butcher, 62nd Services Squadron. The 62nd
  • Mortuary affairs supplies 'pillar of confidence ' to next of kin

    During a time when grief can take over the situation, it is a shoulder to lean on; when feelings of anxiety start to creep in, it is a calming voice; and when important decisions need to be made, it is the first to be contacted. When an active duty Airman with family in the area is killed or seriously injured, 62nd Service Squadron Mortuary Affairs
  • Retired CMSAF visits base

    Retired Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Robert Gaylor visited McChord recently for a base tour and to speak at the Air Force Sergeant's Association Division 14 convention. Although he is retired, Chief Gaylor, who was the fifth chief master sergeant of the Air Force, keeps busy traveling around the country speaking to Air Force members. McChord
  • AMXS takes softball title

    Just one year away from losing several key players to deployments and temporary duty assignments, the 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron softball team -- or as their orange jerseys so colorfully illustrate in blue cursive, the "Clowns" -- knew it had to strike while the iron was hot.And strike it did, defeating the 62nd Aerial Port Squadron team
  • Bioenvironmental Engineering Element: BEEs stand prepared to protect McChord from harmful substances

    In an era where trace amounts of an unknown powder can scare hundreds, and a small vial of a biological agent can potentially kill thousands, McChord's Bioenvironmental Engineering Element, also known as the "BEEs," plays a vital role in keeping Airmen safe.That responsibility is something the BEEs work hard to accomplish each day, no matter the
  • Squadron turns weather into military ally

    Though the stifling desert heat in Iraq rarely gives way to pouring rain or heavy snowfall, unstable weather can often compromise a mission.The 5th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron works hard to make sure that never happens. The 5th EASOS, currently deployed from Fort Lewis to a forward operating base in Iraq, is composed of a