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  • Investing in the future: Airmen’s time away nets huge return

    When looking into financial investments, one component of concern is the return rate.  Every investor asks themselves the same questions: How much am I going to make on this investment?  What will I get in return? This concept also carries over into other facets of life, including the military. As supervisors and leaders, when you provide an Airman
  • Never forget the sacrifices of our POWs, MIAs

    At many Air Force formal ceremonies, a small table sits off to the side dressed in a white tablecloth and set for one. It is reserved to honor 's prisoners of war or those missing in action.While the table itself is simple reminder of those who answered our country's call to serve, it symbolizes an entire nation's resolve to never forget their
  • Teamwork makes the mission happen

    Last week we had the honor of welcoming Gen. Duncan McNabb, commander of Air Mobility Command, back to McChord. During his short stay, General McNabb took the time to talk with our Airmen at an All Call where he praised Team McChord for all we have done to support the Global War on Terrorism and other contingencies around the world.Since the Global
  • ILO taskings unite forces: Efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq must continue

    Though the Global War on Terrorism has gone on for almost five years, the reality is that the efforts in and must continue to ensure democracy takes root in those areas.  As a result, the U.S. Armed Forces are now operating in increasingly joint endeavors. Certain specialties within the Air Force are being asked to support the war effort by
  • Take control of your Air Force career, future

    With the onset of computerized processes, many of our Air Force career steps fall into place with minimal involvement on our Airmen's part.These days we sit back while enlisted performance report shells are generated on cue, professional military education is scheduled at the appropriate time and career job reservations flow as Airmen are selected
  • Enjoy your Labor Day weekend safely

    Every day I speak with dozens of people, military and civilian, on and off base. Whether I am speaking with someone at our higher headquarters or a neighbor in the community, I never fail to mention how hard the men and women of McChord Air Force Base work to bring combat airlift to the world.I talk about the long hours you put in to ensure you are
  • Are you really ready to deploy?

    If there was any doubt in my mind that we are an expeditionary force, it vanished when I was notified from my next duty station of my pending deployment ... two days before I got my hard copy permanent change of station orders. It may sound a bit odd, but it was a good thing. That meant I had plenty of time to prepare. There are others who are not
  • AF changes inevitable: Technology impacts future military structure

    As a squadron commander with a scheduled retirement date, I thought I would share my views on some of the upcoming changes that will impact the Air Force in the near future. If we look at some of the changes on the horizon such as joint basing, the National Security Personnel System and force shaping, it appears the future will be a very daunting
  • Keeping the enemy at bay: Every Airman plays an important role in the fight

    After moving from Scott Air Force Base, Ill., to McChord, it was that time again -- time to unpack. As usual, we got started by emptying our suitcases and hang-up bags first, followed by the cardboard boxes of family treasures we trusted only ourselves to unpack. There, amidst the family photos, my wife Denise's jewelry and our wedding album, lay a