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  • Preparation and service

    Airmen of the 62nd Airlift Wing are serving brilliantly in area of operations, performing dangerous airlift mission's everyday, and making it look easy. I know this firsthand after seeing them in action during my recent deployment. The deployment was going smoothly for me and then I received the worst kind of news you can while so far away,
  • Be careful what you post; it could hurt your career

    Social media quickly became a widespread form of interactive communication and has been incorporated in the way people conduct business, including the military.Since it was a fairly new concept a few years ago, we had the freedom to post whatever opinions we had on our personal social media sites without any kind of reprimand or punishment. There
  • Max points

    "I strive to reach the maximum points. I don't know the minimum score, only the max." This statement about our current Air Force physical fitness testing program may not be how you currently view your fitness test. Our fitness culture has changed greatly from the near past. The progressive ergo-cycle testing transitioned to the mile and a half run
  • The courageous 56

    When 56 courageous patriots put their signatures to a single piece of parchment 236 years ago, the course of world history changed in an instant. Although we celebrate the fourth day of July as Independence Day, it should not be lost on us that those signatures were the culmination of months of disagreements and passionate arguments. In fact, the
  • Do the right thing at the right time for the right reason for the right people

    I was recently asked by a new member in my unit what "tips" I could give him to be successful in the Air Force. After taking a few moments to reflect, my response was, "Do the right thing at the right time for the right reason for the right people."Do the right thing. Always. No matter how much it hurts or you think it is going to hurt someone
  • It's ok to ‘drunk dial’

    Each of us serving in the military today is a volunteer. We took an oath and hopefully, understood that if called upon, we could be put in a position where our life is at risk especially when we deploy to a war zone. Conversely, a lot of Airmen are at risk everyday at home station due to the nature of their job, whether it is flying an airplane or
  • This Memorial Day remember those who served, make safety a priority

    Each and every day of service you give to our Nation, you are honoring the men and women who have given their lives in defense of freedom. With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, please pause a moment to reflect on those who came before us. Courageous men and women whose selfless devotion secured the prosperity and way of life we enjoy. Chief Kaiser
  • The dangers of distracted living

    "Mom, you really seem to be enjoying this," my oldest daughter commented as we tossed a Frisbee around recently. How could she tell? Because, she said, "You're focused on me."As she often reminds me, my bright, beautiful daughter is much wiser than her ten years. I am constantly guilty of trying to multi-task, at work and at home, only to find I
  • Choose wisely

    There's an alarming trend among our younger single Airmen that quite frankly has me losing sleep. It seems that not a week goes by where I don't hear about an Air Mobility Command Airman who made a conscious decision to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol and got caught. What's particularly troubling is it's often a superstar Airman with a
  • A culture of accountability

    "Am I my brother's keeper?" is arguably one of the most profound questions ever asked. As members of the greatest fighting force in the world, our answer should always be, "Yes." We are all the keepers of our brothers and sisters in arms. Regardless of our backgrounds, career fields and ranks, together we represent the fabric of a culture where