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  • Maintaining information integrity: Airmen must safeguard classified documents

    "Don't get complacent when it comes to classified documents" is the message Air Force officials and the 62nd Security Forces Squadron are stressing when it comes to handling confidential, secret or top secret documents. "When you have it in your hand, you have to be aware of what you're doing," said

  • Symposium gives helpful information to SNCOs

    Because the move in rank from technical sergeant to master sergeant brings with it more responsibilities, base officials put on a Senior Noncommissioned Officer Symposium Aug. 7-11 here to help Airmen prepare for what lies ahead. Helping newly promoted senior noncommissioned officers learn many

  • New TSA screening rules apply to AMC

    People traveling on Air Mobility Command charter and military aircraft will face the same new security measures travelers across the nation are adhering to now. A memo released last week by Col. Tonja Brickhouse, chief of the Air Transportation Division at AMC, reminded AMC passengers that all

  • AMC chief to visit Airmen at McChord

    McChord will welcome Air Mobility Command's command chief Wednesday as he makes his first visit out to the base. Chief Master Sgt. Joseph Barron Jr. is visiting the base to get a feel for the base's mission and see what the Airmen do out here, said Chief Master Sgt. Russell Kuck, 62nd Airlift Wing

  • Welcome home General and Mrs. McNabb: AMC commander, wife to visit base

    Team McChord will welcome Gen. Duncan McNabb, commander of Air Mobility Command, and his wife, Linda, to the base Wednesday. During his visit, the general will be introduced to the base's Lean initiatives, including the 62nd Maintenance Squadron's Wheel and Tire shop and the 62nd Operations Group's

  • Officials warn Airmen of MySpace dangers

    The online site MySpace, which allows individuals to create free, personalized Web pages, can become a liability when Airmen post information that can be exploited or misconstrued, according to base officials. To prevent McChord's Airmen from posting potentially hazardous information, Col. Jerry

  • Abandoned vehicle program disposes of junkers, clunkers

    The 62nd Airlift Wing leadership began cracking down on abandoned and unregistered vehicles on base recently. "As a military installation, McChord's appearance standards are designed to project a professional image while incorporating safety standards that protect all of us," said Detective Joe

  • Mouthguards help prevent mouth-related injuries

    During the 101 Critical Days of Summer, people naturally head outdoors in search of physical activity, which can greatly increase their chances of suffering a mouth-related injury. Whether it's an elbow to the jaw during a basketball game or a softball to the teeth, more than 200,000 injuries to the

  • 62nd MSG support staffs combine

    The 62nd Mission Support Group's commander's support staffs consolidated resources recently by merging into one office. Master Sgt. Ronald Kellar, 62nd MSG commanders' consolidated support staff superintendent said manpower reductions posed a challenge to CSS personnel. "We had to figure out a