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  • Base officials remind Airmen to cast election ballot

    From the Federal Voting Assistance Program to each squadron's Unit Voting Assistance Officer, there are a multitude of tools and resources on hand to help Airmen cast their ballots in the upcoming national election.Links on the Air Force Personnel Center and the Federal Voting Assistance Program's Web sites allow service members to obtain voting
  • AF culture climate survey underway

    In an effort to understand the values, beliefs and expectations that shape Airmen's everyday behavior, the Air Force recently launched Phase 2 of the Air Force Climate Survey focused on Air Force culture.The survey, which started Aug. 4 and runs until Sept. 10, differs from the usual climate survey, which examines command climate in particular
  • AFSO 21 a success at McChord

    The banner hanging above the shop floor of the 62nd Maintenance Squadron Wheel and Tire Shop is a sign of the success of the Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century program at McChord. The "2005 Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award" banner recognizes outstanding team performance and promotion of systematic process improvement, according to
  • Officials work to create culture of responsible choices

    With all the time and effort that goes into accomplishing Team McChord's mission, there's no room for error caused by irresponsible drinking and illegal drug use by Airmen. In an effort to encourage Airmen to make more conscientious choices, base officials are urging them to take an active role in the Culture of Responsible Choices, according to
  • AMC to make CAC logon mandatory

    Team McChord employees will soon be required to use Common Access Cards to log on to the Air Mobility Command network. The Air Force is moving away from using passwords to log on to unclassified computer networks in an effort to thwart hackers, saboteurs and terrorists from putting critical information systems at risk through unauthorized access,
  • Team McChord hosts, instructs Australian Airmen: 24 Aussies learn C-17 avionics before taking aircraft Down Under

    Training 24 members of the Royal Australian Air Force on the avionics of the C-17 Globemaster III before the delivery of the country's newly-purchased aircraft in December was a chance for McChord to shine on an international scale. And for McChord's 373rd Training Squadron, Detachment 12 instructors, it was a challenge they tackled head-on. "We
  • Maintaining information integrity: Airmen must safeguard classified documents

    "Don't get complacent when it comes to classified documents" is the message Air Force officials and the 62nd Security Forces Squadron are stressing when it comes to handling confidential, secret or top secret documents. "When you have it in your hand, you have to be aware of what you're doing," said Chris Caseman, a security officer with the 62nd
  • Symposium gives helpful information to SNCOs

    Because the move in rank from technical sergeant to master sergeant brings with it more responsibilities, base officials put on a Senior Noncommissioned Officer Symposium Aug. 7-11 here to help Airmen prepare for what lies ahead. Helping newly promoted senior noncommissioned officers learn many things they need to know was the goal of the week-long
  • New TSA screening rules apply to AMC

    People traveling on Air Mobility Command charter and military aircraft will face the same new security measures travelers across the nation are adhering to now. A memo released last week by Col. Tonja Brickhouse, chief of the Air Transportation Division at AMC, reminded AMC passengers that all AMC-owned and operated terminals will comply with the
  • AMC chief to visit Airmen at McChord

    McChord will welcome Air Mobility Command's command chief Wednesday as he makes his first visit out to the base. Chief Master Sgt. Joseph Barron Jr. is visiting the base to get a feel for the base's mission and see what the Airmen do out here, said Chief Master Sgt. Russell Kuck, 62nd Airlift Wing command chief. Chief Kuck said the primary focus of