8th Airlift Squadron

8th Airlift Squadron unit patch8th Airlift Squadron (8 AS)

The 8th AS has supported every significant world event requiring airlift. Aircrews directly support a myriad of U.S. govenrment agencies and international forces in response to contingency operations ranging from troop insertion and critical resupply to life-saving medivac and disaster relief.


"First in war, first in peace"


Air dominance through dedication to the mission and each other


Execute worldwide force projection


Lt. Col. Joshua Watkins official photo with American flag background

Lt. Col. Joshua Watkins

Commander, 8th Airlift Squadron

Contact Us

8th Airlift Squadron
1142 Levitow Blvd.
JBLM W.A. 98438

DSN: 382-3811
Comm: (253) 982-3811

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