62nd Aerial Port Squadron

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62nd Aerial Port Squadron (62 APS)

The 62nd Aerial Port Squadron is affectionately known throughout McChord as the "Eagle Port" and has several functions. 62nd APS serves as the primary port for passenger and cargo shipments in the Pacific Northwest region and supports U.S. Transportation Command/Air Mobility Command missions for major exercises and deployments spanning the globe. The 62nd APS administer contract oversight for both the aerial delivery mission, including the rigging, loading and recovering of airdrop equipment, as well as the Patriot Express mission from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Most importantly, APS develops and deploys mission-ready Airmen to establish non-fixed terminals at airfields in remote locations supporting overseas contingency operations. The Eagle Port is a group of outstanding professionals, working hard to get the mission done right, the first time.

"Whatever it Takes"


The Eagle Port began as the 1705th Air Terminal Squadron (ATS). It was integral in the airlift of radar equipment and supplies for the construction of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line in northern Alaska and Canada (1955-1956) and periodically resupplied the DEW stations during the International Geophysical Year (1957-1958). On 18 June 1960, the 62d Air Terminal Squadron (ATS) was established.


The 62d Aerial Port Squadron operates a major air terminal for passenger and cargo movement on worldwide channel, contingency, and surface missions, including a commercial airport extension for passenger movement to and from the Pacific theater.  Over 300 personnel support the full spectrum of air transportation operations, 24/7/365.  The squadron is in a constant readiness for worldwide deployments, ready to establish aerial port capabilities anywhere, anytime.  Further, the squadron manages an airdrop rigging and recovery contract in support of our Wing's unilateral airdrop training mission.


To foster a culture of innovative Airmen with a sense of organizational pride and dedication to air transportation.


Lt. Col. Ayana Tuchscherer
62nd Aerial Port Squadron

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62nd Aerial Port Squadron

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