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  • Base Express Store: Supply warehouse helps Airmen, blind employees

    With the help of a closed-captioned television that magnifies each tiny letter on the purchase receipt and projects it onto a 14-inch screen, Express Store assistant manager Zeljka Harmon is able to see which items were bought when she helps Airmen with returns. Ms. Harmon is one of three legally blind employees working at the 62nd Logistics
  • Aircrew life support: 62nd OSS Airmen keep fliers’ gear in good shape

    Clad in a blue smock designed to prevent lint from being tracked into sensitive equipment, aircrew life support Airman Joseph Ripper, 62nd Operations Support Squadron, carefully picks up and looks over each piece of an aircrew chemical defense ensemble. The ensemble has all the items necessary for aircrews to fly missions in a chemical environment
  • Whitewater rafting defines teamwork

    The rushing, swirling waters of the Wenatchee River in central Washington don't care who's sitting in a raft navigating their territory. They'll have their way with whomever they want. I learned that lesson last week while accompanying the 62nd Services Squadron's Adventures Unlimited staff on the first white water rafting trip of the
  • Practice, discipline highlight honor guard duty: Airmen train to be tangible examples of military service

    Airmen in base honor guard operate under a microscope each time they are out in the community on a detail. Their movements are crisp and in perfect unison. Their uniforms are neatly pressed and their shoes shine like they're brand new. But one slight misstep can ruin everything. "One word describes [our performance] -- perfection," said honor guard
  • Stress management: Keep things in perspective

    Stress can work for you and against you. It is the bodies' reaction to a new situation, whether it is welcome or unwelcome, said staff psychologist Capt. Michael Jones, 62nd Medical Operations Squadron. When the heart beats faster, the body produces adrenaline. When adrenaline is produced, people breathe more rapidly, are more alert and may
  • Idea nets AMXS Airman $10,000

    Master Sgt. Barry Buchmiller, 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, was just looking to make good use of a part that was going to be turned into scrap metal. While Sergeant Buchmiller was a member of the 373rd Training Squadron, Detachment 12, he found out that the squadron was discarding an old nose gear trainer because the squadron was in the
  • McChord welcomes new dietician

    Airmen, dependents and retirees have a new resource on their side to help them eat healthy and stay fit. Brent Carney, a registered dietician for 18 years, was recently hired to work in the 62nd Medical Group's Health and Wellness Center. He will work with Airmen, spouses, retirees and children and help to promote a variety of nutritional
  • McChord Airmen travel ‘down under’ to train Aussies

    The one-month trip to Australia was a temporary duty assignment that most Airmen only dream of. It provided a chance to take in the local culture, visit sandy beaches, eat exotic cuisine and even try out one of the country's most popular sports -- cricket. But it was also a chance for four Airmen from the 373rd Training Squadron, Detachment 12, and
  • Good looking out: Optometry keeps Airmen's eyes on the mission

    When Airmen can see everything clearly, focusing on the mission becomes that much easier. The 62nd Medical Group's optometry flight makes sure Airmen can do just that each time they step through the doors. The flight serves between 300 and 400 active duty Airmen, retirees, dependents, Reservists and military members from other branches who need the
  • Five-star fitness: Two 62nd SVS programs earn highest grades

    The 62nd Services Squadron recently earned Five Star status for its outdoor recreation and fitness programs here. The award, which is given by the Air Force Services Agency, provides annual recognition and acknowledgement for bases that have reached the highest standard of achievement in all aspects of program management, AFSA officials said. The