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  • Metals technology: When a part is not available, they make it from scratch

    When troops, Humvees, helicopters and ammunition need to be airlifted, maintenance and aircrews don't have time to wait around for the delivery of a bracket that helps anchor a pallet to the floor of a C-17 Globemaster III. Instead, they look to the 62nd Maintenance Squadron's metals technology shop to manufacture the piece. Since the shop is the
  • Flying crew chiefs: Airmen provide peace of mind, support to aircraft, aircrews during missions

    Though living out of a duffel bag for weeks on end, sleeping on anything but a mattress and being away from home for extended amounts of time aren't exactly conditions that can make a job easy, they are issues flying crew chiefs deal with on a routine basis. And that's usually just fine with them, said Senior Airman Kenneth Wimer, 62nd Aircraft
  • Hydration essential during workouts: Water, sports drinks aid in rehydration

    Since about 70 percent of an adult's body is made up of water, staying properly hydrated during a workout is crucial. Just a small percent change in body weight, due to a loss of fluid from sweat, can place a big strain on a body during exercise, according to the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, a research and educational facility established in
  • Weapons school pushes pilots to the limit

    The Air Force's weapons school was a lot to handle for Maj. Tony Carr and Capt. Brian Smith, 10th Airlift Squadron, and Maj. Phil Lynch, 8th Airlift Squadron. They routinely endured information overload during briefings. They flew C-17 Globemaster IIIs outside their comfort zones. And getting two hours of sleep a night wasn't an unheard of
  • Avionics: Flight keeps McChord’s C-17s safe, out of harm’s way while airborne

    The monotone automated voice that blares throughout the C-17 Globemaster III cockpit when a missile attack is imminent has the tendency to send shivers down the spines of pilots, loadmasters and anyone else in the airplane. But not Airmen from the 62nd Maintenance Squadron's avionics flight. "It's standard ops to us," said Staff Sgt. Thomas
  • EOD Airmen diffuse problems one at a time

    In a war where the enemy is constantly changing tactics, Airmen from the 62nd Civil Engineer Squadron's Explosive Ordnance Disposal flight are on the front lines fighting to stay one step ahead. Master Sgt. Everett Sisseck, 62nd CES EOD technician, recently returned from a deployment where he was part of a weapons intelligence team. The team
  • Go-to Guys in the Skies: 817th EAS provides vital logistics link to Soldiers, Airmen

    Supply and demand. Those two words sum up the 817th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron's mission. Staffed by McChord's 4th Airlift Squadron and operating out of Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, and Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan, the 817th EAS is a vital logistics link between agencies outside of Central Command's area of responsibility and troops fighting in
  • Family members combat challenges of separation

    Airmen aren't the only ones who battle stress and loneliness during deployments. Spouses and children at home go without a vital piece of the family structure when the deployed member is gone. Not having someone for four to six months to help with shopping, cleaning the house or helping care for children can put a certain amount of stress on a
  • Deployments help Airmen develop, grow: Members battle stress, loneliness in foreign lands

    Watching morning talk shows while you're getting dressed or reading the local paper while enjoying a cup of coffee isn't an option, and coming home at night to an excited dog and anxious hugs from loved ones just doesn't happen. Though deployments offer Airmen a chance to live in a foreign country, experience new things, get totally immersed in the
  • Justice for all: McChord Airmen assist in Iraqi court system

    Kidnappers, foreign jihadists, architects of improvised explosive devices -- they've seen it all. As members of Task Force 134 Multi-National Forces, Iraq, Capt. Lisa Gorog and Tech. Sgt. Donna Larkins work directly with the Central Criminal Courts of Iraq to present evidence to Iraqi judges against enemy detainees captured by the MNF. Since they