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  • Abandoned vehicle program disposes of junkers, clunkers

    The 62nd Airlift Wing leadership began cracking down on abandoned and unregistered vehicles on base recently. "As a military installation, McChord's appearance standards are designed to project a professional image while incorporating safety standards that protect all of us," said Detective Joe Ramos, 62nd Security Forces Squadron. "The abandonment
  • Mouthguards help prevent mouth-related injuries

    During the 101 Critical Days of Summer, people naturally head outdoors in search of physical activity, which can greatly increase their chances of suffering a mouth-related injury. Whether it's an elbow to the jaw during a basketball game or a softball to the teeth, more than 200,000 injuries to the mouth and jaw occur annually, according to the
  • 62nd MSG support staffs combine

    The 62nd Mission Support Group's commander's support staffs consolidated resources recently by merging into one office. Master Sgt. Ronald Kellar, 62nd MSG commanders' consolidated support staff superintendent said manpower reductions posed a challenge to CSS personnel. "We had to figure out a smarter way to do our jobs and provide support to all
  • Congrats to McChord’s new promotees

    The following individuals from McChord were recently selected as staff sergeants:Katina Chapa, 1st Air Support Operations Group John Ferderer, 1st Weather Squ-adron Lucas Erickson, 4th Airlift Squa-dron Christal O'Malley, 4th AS Eric Pietras, 4th AS Christopher Shull, 4th AS Grailin Blamer, 5th Air Support Operations Squadron Jeff Martin, 5th ASOS
  • Logistics teams rated war-ready

    All the hard work Team McChord put into getting ready for the Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Program visit paid off Monday when the LSEP team certified McChord's logistics teams ready for war. Capt. Mary Lent, 62nd Maintenance Group, said there is a general sigh of relief the inspection is over. In the weeks leading up to the inspection,
  • Local maintainers earn Air Force-level awards

    The Air Force recently recognized two civilian maintainers with the Lieutenant General Leo Marquez Award for their service here during 2005. James Fehr, a 62nd Maintenance Squadron ordnance equipment specialist, and Rick Neumeyer, a 62nd MXS aircraft engine mechanic, won the civilian technician category in their respective fields. “The [Air
  • McChord readies for LSEP inspection

    After months of preparation and countless hours of training, McChord’s maintenance, logistics and aerial port squa-drons are ready to wow the Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Program inspectors visiting here Monday through Aug. 7, according to base officials. The LSEP team, which consists of approximately 40 individuals, will evaluate how
  • Safety top priority for Team McChord

    The 62nd Airlift Wing Safety Office has many tools and procedures to keep safety at the forefront of everything McChord Airmen accomplish. One aspect of the program every Airman is very familiar with is preventative safety measures. Ken Heath, 62nd Airlift Wing ground safety superintendent, said something as simple as McChord Airmen wearing
  • MXS proves precise with PMEL

    The 62nd Maintenance Squadron’s Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment flight received an excellent performance rating as it underwent an Air Force-level evaluation July 12 through 19. A team from the Air Force Metrology and Calibration Program Office in Heath, Ohio, came to McChord to perform the audit, which is done every two years to
  • McChord Airmen deploy for GWOT

    While helping their squadrons prepare for the Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Program inspection Monday, many of McChord's maintainers, aerial porters and logistics readiness personnel were also preparing for deployments. Chief Master Sgt. Daniel McLau-ghlin, 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron superintendent, said he doesn't foresee the