62nd aircraft Maintenance squadron

62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron unit patch62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (AMXS)

The AMXS is comprised of 600+ active duty, civilian and Reserve personnel responsible for maintenance and sortie generation efforts for 40 C-17 aircraft in support of Headquarters Air Force and Department of Defense directed aircraft tasking's. The 62d AMXS is the only maintenance squadron in the USAF with the unique opportunity in direct support of missions crossing all seven continents.


"Rain or Shine... We Run the Line"


Deliver credible global airlift capability by providing safe, reliable, and mission-ready aircraft at the right place and right time. Enabling the United States unrivaled power projection, deterrence, and hope throughout the world.


Constituted 62 Periodic Maintenance Squadron on 3 Feb 1958. Activated on 1 Mar 1958. Redesignated: 62 Organizational Maintenance Squadron on 8 Feb 1961; Aircraft Generation Squadron on 1 Aug 1990; 62 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 1 Oct 2002... Read more


Lethal, skilled, resilient Airmen and Families postured to execute rapid global mobility.

Lt. Col. Joshua J. Clifford
62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron


62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

1145 Levitow Blvd Suite 170

Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98438

Commander’s Secretary

Comm: (253) 982-3040

DSN: 382-3040

Commanders Support Staff (CSS)

Comm: (253) 982-5605/5608

DSN: 382-5605/5608

Maintenance Operations

Comm: (253) 982-3661

DSN: 382-3661

62 AMXS/MXAA (Silver AMU)

Comm: (253) 982-6720

DSN: 382-6720


Comm: (253) 982-6922

DSN: 382-6922

62 AMXS/MXAS (Support Section)

Comm: (253) 982-2412

DSN: 382-2412