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  • Safety first: Exploring the supervisor safety training

    Before assuming a supervisory position in the Air Force, Airmen undergo mandatory Supervisor Safety Training.The purpose of this training is to equip future supervisors with the necessary skills to effectively manage scenarios posing risk to Airmen's safety, while also emphasizing preventative

  • Team McChord holds a Diversity and Inclusion Summit

    On March 18, 2024, the 62d Airlift Wing’s Diversity and Inclusion manager Olugbenga Aina held a diversity and inclusion summit at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. The summit began during a Team McChord wide All Call where Aina and McChord Airmen shared their experiences with diversity and

  • 18th AF commander visits Team McChord

    U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Corey Martin, 18th Air Force commander, meets with Team McChord leaders and Airmen at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, Jan. 26, 2024. The goal of Martin’s visit was to learn about Team McChord’s initiatives, accomplishments, goals for the upcoming year and to recognize

  • 62d Airlift Wing opens doors to Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club

    The 62d Airlift Wing opened its doors to the Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club during an immersive tour at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, Jan. 27, 2024. Before the tour began, U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Lisa Craig, Air Force Recruiting Service’s deputy commander, answered questions the club members

  • Team McChord embraces cultural diversity with Black History Month events

    As the new year continues, February brings a time of celebration in honor of Black History Month. Airmen of African American heritage worldwide have dedicated their lives to defending the United States of America, honoring the vital role that black history plays in its culture and success.“In the

  • Team McChord families celebrate the holidays with Jingle Jamboree

    Team McChord service members and families celebrated the annual Jingle Jamboree holiday celebration in hanger three at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, Dec. 9, 2023.The holiday celebration falls directly in line with the 62d Airlift Wing’ mission priority three, focuses on developing ready

  • 62d AMXS catches, services Rainier War 23A tails

    The 62d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron performs routine maintenance on a C-17 Globemaster III during Exercise Rainier War 23A at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, Sept. 26, 2023. The returning jet conducted integrated combat turns at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, as part of the exercise.

  • 62d AW conducts aeromedical evacuation training

    The 62d Medical Squadron partnered with the 4th Airlift Squadron to conduct aeromedical evacuation training on a C-17 Globemaster III at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, Sept. 21, 2023.The exercise was held to familiarize the 62d MDS with the C-17’s capabilities and to identify the loadmaster’s

  • 4th EAS provides airlift capabilities during Exercise Rainier War 23A

    Exercise Rainier War 23A kicked off this week at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, and dozens of aircrew boots hit the ground running to participate and evaluate the Wing’s ability to generate, employ and sustain in-garrison and forward deployed forces, ensuring strategic advantage by advancing