Be prepared for end-of-year fiscal closeout

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Anthony Hernandez
  • 62nd Comptroller Squadron commander
Attention all Airmen, noncommissioned officers, junior officers and civilian members: Now is the time to identify any unfunded mission requirements to your supervisors and commanders. 

As we move closer to the final quarter of the fiscal year, senior level decisions are now being made regarding which priorities will receive funding.

 Many of you have requirements that can and will make your job easier. 

The main point of this article is to tell you that unless you voice these requirements, they have a slim chance of being funded. 

However, it is not enough to identify a need.

 I want to share a little known secret that goes a couple of steps beyond and makes the difference between those who "talk" and those who "do." 

Here it is: Do your homework! 

Here is what I mean when I say do your homework: 

--Has the 62nd Contracting Squadron seen this requirement? 

The contracting squadron has many timelines, and there are stringent Federal Acquisition Regulations that must be met well ahead of time. 

The deadline for large ticket items such as construction projects is June 1. 

Commodity contracts over $100,000 have until July 3, and all other commodity contracts have until Aug. 1. 

--Does your requirement need to be coordinated through other agencies on base? 

Does the 62nd Civil Engineer Squadron need to "chop" on the requirement for power, digging or environmental? 

Does the 62nd Communications Squadron need to help draft a technical solution? Is the safety office aware? Are there any legal constraints? 

--Are there any shipping costs? 

What about installation costs? 

What type of warranty is available, and how do we pay for them? 

The list could go on. 

Of course, doing your homework is no guarantee of funding, especially when Department of Defense budgets are constantly being squeezed. 

However, I can guarantee if you do not do your homework your project will not get funding. 

I cannot emphasize this enough. 

I hope to see your requirements on the unfunded priority list. 

We only have a few days left before we finalize the list. 

Get started now.