Team McChord is synonymous with family

  • Published
  • By Col. Jeffrey Stephenson
  • 62nd Airlift Wing commander
During the past two weeks, I have had the chance to meet many of the outstanding professionals comprising Team McChord. After only a few visits to offices here on base, I immediately realized why McChord has earned so many awards and accolades. I have no doubt the best combat airlifters in Air Mobility Command reside right here at McChord. There is an overwhelming sense of togetherness and support that is unrivaled. 

While few deny we work very well as a cohesive team, I challenge you to consider Team McChord to be more like a family. We are a family that looks out for each other, supports each other, challenges each other to rise to new levels of performance and continually pushes to raise the bar when we think we can go no further. I see the men and women of McChord mentoring, trusting and relying on each other. We depend on each other for mutual support as matchless wingmen. We support each other through multiple deployments in our efforts with the Global War on Terrorism. Through it all, we draw our strength and base our foundation on the family that is Team McChord. 

I consider myself fortunate to be part of such a diverse group of talented, motivated and gifted professionals. We are fortunate to have active-duty, Reservists, Guardsmen and civilian personnel from all walks of life bringing a myriad of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences to the table. Our diversity is the glue that keeps our family strong. We carry that strength with us, committed to each other to do our very best with every task. Our bond is unwavering, unselfish and unconditional because we are a family, sharing the traditions and beliefs of many different cultures fortifying the rock that is "Team McChord." 

Take time to celebrate family with our fellow Team McChord members and myself. Embrace the spirit and strength that is "Ohana", the Hawaiian word for family. McChord is strong. The Team McChord family is stronger.