Pride in mission unites Team McChord

  • Published
  • By Col. Jeffrey Stephenson
  • 62nd Airlift Wing commander
With the sun making a welcomed and unexpected visit during this past President's Day weekend, I like many, took advantage of the weather and headed out to see what the members of Team McChord did during their "down time". 

Of many experiences, I had the pleasure of seeing two retirees walking along a perimeter road, in conversation, pausing every few moments to enjoy the view. I also saw a young Airman on an afternoon run take a few moments to revel in the beauty of the sights offered here at McChord before continuing on his way. 

Even I enjoyed the opportunity to explore the beauty of McChord during this extended weekend. Admittedly, there are few sights more powerful than the view of a C-17 Globemaster III green tail flash standing ready on the ramp with Mount Rainier posed stoically as a backdrop. That awesome vista stirred intense emotions within me, which promptly shifted my thoughts to our Team McChord family. 

Watching the men and women here at McChord, I tried to identify the driving factor that prompts Team McChord to such notable levels of professionalism. What is the one common trait that defines the character of Team McChord members? Given only one word to sum the character of Team McChord I would, without hesitation, offer "pride". 

Pride defined is self-respect, pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession or association. In this instance, I'm referring to achievement and association with the Team McChord family. The men and women of Team McChord do great things every day in part because they share the common denominator of pride in a job well done. 

We take pride in our efforts because we know McChord is synonymous with not only combat airlift but also with world-class standards and an unflappable work ethic. We show pride in the way we care for, protect and utilize our resources and facilities. Additionally, we show pride for the manner in which we conduct our daily lives. 

As I've said before, we are a part of the world's greatest Air Force providing combat airlift around the globe. Each of us plays a vital part in the success of Team McChord. Every group, every squadron, every Airman and every civilian has an equal stake in our overall success. I'm proud of each and every member of our McChord family.