Team McChord - let's 'bring it on' for Rodeo

  • Published
  • By Col. Michael Hornitschek
  • 62nd Airlift Wing vice commander
If Rodeo excitement has not yet hit you, I'd say you've either been on a temporary duty assignment, on leave, or hiding in a cave for the last two weeks!

Ladies and gentlemen, McChord Air Force Base is THE privileged host of THE premier international air mobility competition on the face of the planet. The simple fact is that the Secretary of the Air Force, United States Transportation Command commander, Air Mobility Command commander, hundreds of other distinguished visitors, thousands of guests and cameras, and dozens of teams from around the world have already started descending on our home, making AMC Rodeo 2009 a unique opportunity for Team McChord to showcase what "Airlift Excellence ... Right Here ... Right Now!" is all about.

Team McChord has been preparing for this event for over a year and every McChord Airman should take great pride in our base, our personal appearance, our customs and courtesies, and our ability to make this a positively memorable experience for all who attend. To that end, you are all 24/7 ambassadors and the eyes and ears of 62nd and 446th Airlift Wing leadership -- we are all in! We know that we can count on you to pay attention to every detail, to keep the base spotless, to assist any guest or Team McChord member in need, and in the simplest of terms, to elevate the already outstanding reputation this base enjoys. That reputation is YOUR reputation -- we all contribute to it, and we all share it.

We've got the skill, we've got the attitude, and we've got the opportunity -- I predict that on July 25 after the last team leaves, we will all say, "That was THE best Rodeo ever!" Let's make it happen, Team McChord -- let's bring it on!