Thank those who 'generate' you this holiday

  • Published
  • By Col. Kevin J. Kilb
  • 62nd Airlift Wing commander
Recently, I heard our Eighteenth Air Force Commander, Lt. Gen. Allardice verbalize an insight to our Airman culture in such a meaningful way that I'm compelled to share it with you. I do this with the hope it will inspire you in the same way it has inspired me.

The metaphor is based on our recognition that Airmen "generate" aircraft and Airmen "generate" the mission every day. Taking this one step further, we need to recognize that every Airman is also "generated" each day to then "generate" the mission. In this sense, "generation" refers to something special that takes different forms for each of us, and goes by many names.

Our single Airmen may call it the good wingmanship of a fellow Airman; our married Airmen may call it the love and support of a spouse and, or children. Others may call it the inspiration and support from a parent, grandparent, teacher, friend, neighbor, or veteran.

Our Air Force mission is a team sport, and our success requires the "all-in" commitment of the Air Force family, in all its forms. Anyone who doubts this need only consider that our Air Force has designated a formal celebration of the 'Year of the Air Force Family' in recognition of this fact.

Here at McChord, "generation" takes a highly visible and public form every day, making this a very special place to live and work. Some examples include: the support we provided our local community in the aftermath of the murder of four Lakewood police officers; Key Spouses who work with squadron leadership teams to care for the families of our deployed Airmen; the Airmen and family members who volunteer to provide holiday cookies to our single Airmen; supervisors who invite a troop to share the holidays with them; the squadron that stands vigil beside an injured wingman in the hospital for weeks on end. I could go on and on...but the point is...your "generation" efforts are numerous and inspirational.

The individual "generation" you receive each day from your immediate and extended Air Force Family is a treasured part of our Airman culture. And that is the inspiration I hope to share with each of you this holiday season: to take this special time to honor, thank and appreciate those family members who generate YOU each and out of our Air Force.

Stacey, Malindi, Piper, Tana, and I, wish you a safe and blessed holiday season...and THANK YOU for "generating" us each and every day!