Great people bring excellence to Joint Base

  • Published
  • By Col. Kevin J. Kilb
  • 62nd Airlift Wing commander
After more than two years of work by Airmen, Soldiers and civilians at McChord Air Force Base and Fort Lewis, we are just weeks from the beginning of Joint Base Lewis-McChord. We should all take great pride in the arrival of this historic day.

On Feb. 1, what is known today as McChord Air Force Base becomes JBLM McChord Field. This name change for McChord is historic and preserves our heritage of service (we were known as McChord Field until 1948). Similar changes occur at areas we now know as Fort Lewis, with North Fort becoming JBLM North and Main Post becoming JBLM Main. However, formation of the Joint Base is much larger than a name change.

Army Col. Thomas Brittain and Air Force Col. Kenny Weldon will become the commander and deputy commander, respectively, of the Joint Base. This Joint Base command team will lead the Army and Air Force to full integration by Oct 1.

Colonel Brittain and Colonel Weldon will lead a massive team to operate the installation and support customers ... from mission units and warfighters, to family members and base visitors. Familiar faces from McChord and Fort Lewis will provide these services.

Our Joint Base forms the largest combat power-projection platform on the west coast, supports all branches of the armed forces, National Guard and Reserve, and hosts major national security missions.

It is staggering to consider what our joined installation offers the nation in terms of national security and combat power. In the days and months ahead, we will together write a story of dedication, commitment to excellence and accomplishment as the history of the joint base begins to unfold. In fact, if you're reading this in the Northwest Guardian, you're holding our new installation newspaper, where the story will be told each week.

I want to recognize and thank all of you ... the Airmen, Soldiers and civilians of McChord and Fort Lewis. You've made this historic activation of the Joint Base possible. Your efforts are both inspirational and thorough. The Air Force and the 62nd Airlift Wing have complete and total confidence in the Joint Base's ability to support our Air Force mission, and we're proud to be part of this historic team.

Your efforts in forming our Joint Base were completed with a focus on the warfighter and other customers who will be supported here. They will receive excellent service because great people...YOU...bring excellence to our Joint Base.