AMC commander: 'Air Mobility Airmen continue to answer the call'

  • Published
  • By Gen. Raymond E. Johns, Jr.
  • AMC commander
When the President announced 30,000 more U.S. troops were needed in Afghanistan, it was no surprise that mobility Airmen would play a major role in helping make this a reality. In fact, many of you at home and abroad have already worked overtime to ensure the first wave of troops reached Afghanistan safely and quickly.

Without affecting your day-to-day operations, you have already airlifted 3,711 U.S. Marines into Afghanistan's area of operations. Although AMC's continued efforts will likely require the full complement of our available airlifters and tankers, I am very aware it's not just the iron, but our Total Force Airmen and civilians who make the mission happen. You have been working at an incredible pace for the past eight years, and now your country is once again asking to "surge" so we may defeat those who oppose our freedom.

When I assumed command, I said I couldn't be prouder to be your commander. I was wrong. These past few months, I have experienced this command's global mission first hand, and I can now say with confidence that I grow prouder of you each and every day. Please know, I thank you and your families for all you continue to do every day to safely and smartly deliver on our promise to provide Unrivaled Global Reach for America...Always.