Are you fit to fight?

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Robert Kafka
  • 62nd Security Forces Squadron
Are you fit to fight? No, really, are you fit to fight? Before you answer this question you need to know: What is fit to fight and why is it important to be fit to fight?

Being fit to fight according to a former Chief of Staff of the Air Force is, "...not about passing a fitness test once a year (and starting July 2010, twice a year). More important, we are changing the culture of the Air Force...preparedness to deploy and fight. It's about warriors. It is about instilling an expectation that makes fitness a daily standard--an essential part of your service."

It's important to be fit to fight because you're less prone to develop certain diseases, you're more mentally sharp, you can perform your duties better and can be relied upon to complete your duties, and you can handle more stress. Eating wisely and in moderation, not smoking, drinking alcohol in moderation (or not at all), and getting sufficient sleep can assist you in being fit to fight (in addition to having a structured physical fitness workout program).

So, who's in charge of your unit's fit to fight program? According to the Air Force, your unit commander is responsible for establishing and executing the fitness portion of your fit to fight program. Additionally, the base's Health and Wellness Center provides fitness guidance to commanders and base members. Ultimately, you are responsible for your fitness and health level and being fit to fight.

Whether at homestation or in a deployed environment, you never know when your being fit to fight will be called into question. Being fit to fight cannot happen overnight and must be maintained year round. Even during the weekend or off-duty time, one needs to relax and unwind, don't forget to exercise, too!

I'll ask again, "Are you fit to fight"? If you are not fit to fight, today is a great day to get fit to fight for not only yourself, but also your family, friends and fellow Airmen. I'll see you around the gym, running track, wing runs, and base exercising in order to be fit to fight!