AMC Commander: Memorial Day – Take Time to Pause and Reflect

  • Published
  • By Gen. Raymond Johns
  • Air Mobility Command, commander
As we all prepare to observe Memorial Day, let me first thank you for your extraordinary dedication and contributions to our nation and this Command. Whatever the challenge, you continually answer the call and perform your mission with incredible distinction and courage.

Speaking of courage, I ask that you take a moment and pay tribute to the generations of brave servicemen and women who helped secure the freedoms we all enjoy today. Please pause and reflect on the tremendous legacy of honor and service which these Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, and Airmen have so generously given our homeland.

Today, you continue this proud tradition. As some of the finest Airmen in our Air Force, you make a difference when and where it matters most. Whether it's providing Global Reach in Iraq and Afghanistan or humanitarian relief in Haiti, you answer an unyielding call to save lives and support our fellow service members.

Notably, we cannot perform this mission alone. Our long hours at work and time away from home are only made possible by the steadfast support we receive from our families. Like your service, their sacrifice and devotion play a key role in our nation's defense. This is why I would like you and your families to practice good safety over the Memorial Day weekend. It takes all of us to accomplish the amazing work that has become the trademark of Air Mobility Command.

So please know I salute you, and I salute your families. Your contributions and sacrifices secure our freedom and for that America is grateful. Please enjoy this Memorial safe...and be good Wingmen!