Command Chief's Corner: For A Special Occasion 2010

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Gregory Warren
  • 62nd Airlift Wing Command Chief
Team McChord family -

Here's wishing you and yours a blessed and restful Christmas break.
Please take this time to re-charge your batteries, "put that money back in
the bank" with your families and friends, and thank them for THEIR
sacrifices. From the bottom of my heart, thank you McChord family for all
you have done this past year and will continue to do in 2011; you are all
amazing and Sheri and I are blessed to be part of this incredible team.
Please continue to take care of each other and please make sure that none of
your Airmen are left alone this holiday season.

Please take the time to read the message below from CSM Tomas Hawkins,
TRANSCOM's Senior Enlisted Leader. God Bless and BE SAFE!

Chief Master Sgt. Gregory Warren
Command Chief
62nd Airlift Wing

Thank You for all you do

Bells will be ringing, folks will be singing. Lights will be flashing,
travelers will be dashing. These are but a few of my favorite things. There
will be surprised visits and tables filled with food like it's a replay of
Thanksgiving. Still .... all will be good.

Trees will be decorated with ornaments, popcorn chains, candy canes, icicles
and surrounded with boxes, bags and packages of all shapes and sizes.
Children will be excited about Santa coming and parents will be helping with
his deliveries. In some places it will just be cold and others will have to
imagine the briskness of the air and the glistening of the snow, while some
will be blessed with the total traditional Christmas Holiday settings of
cold, brisk air, snow and a warm crackling fire.

I hope everyone gets everything they wanted because they were nice and not
naughty or maybe even a little nice and naughty to enjoy this special time.
For those who believe, I hope we all remember the Reason for the Season and
give Praise.

And until it's over, take time to remember those who are deployed who will
still enjoy the holidays ... only they will be on patrol, on guard or in
some valley or along some mountain side, or in some desert in Iraq or
Afghanistan or in a hospital or Warrior Transition Center or some other
place far away from their loved ones who love, worry about and miss them so

When it comes time to open and exchange gifts, may one of the gifts be HOPE
for those who are less fortunate and HOPE that each new day keeps our
fighting folks safe. May one of the presents be one of JOY for those you
love or may not love so much and wish them the best for them and that JOY
finds a brief, refreshing moment to those who may feel they've been
forgotten. Let it remind them that they are not nor will ever be. May a box
contain a THANK YOU ... not for anything in particular ... just because. May
that THANK YOU touch every heart to cause every mind to say THANK YOU to
anyone whose made a sacrifice to anyone for anything, at anytime.

May this message be shared with those you care about. Have a very Merry
Christmas and a joyous Holiday Season ....

"Promise Given ... Promise Kept"

Army Command  Sgt. Major Tomas R. Hawkins
Senior Enlisted Leader
U.S. Transportation Command