The IG Team and how it relates to Airmen

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Chris Clark
  • 62nd Airlift Wing Inspector General superintendent
Almost all Airmen have heard about the Inspector General, but do you know what they do? Furthermore, do you know what role your IG team has within the 62nd Airlift Wing and 627th Air Base Group? Well, in short, your IG serves as an extension to commanders by acting as their eyes and ears, staying alert to issues which may affect organizational readiness.

There are IG personnel at all command levels ranging from the wing to the Department of Defense, with two primary jobs: Complaint resolutions and overseeing the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Program (FWA). This program is designed to enhance the organization's discipline, readiness and war fighting capability. Additionally, the IG is responsible for training all members of the organization on IG processes and the FWA program.

Often times, the complaint resolution session of the IG system gets confused with the IG inspection function. These are two different entities with completely different mission. IG inspection is less standardized and exists formally only at the Air Force and major command levels. At most wings throughout Air Mobility Command, the inspection program resides in the wing plans and programs office and is designated as XP. They primarily conduct exercise on both conventional and nuclear missions as required by regulations. This important function helps wing leadership gauge mission readiness and is vital to preparing for Headquarters IG inspections.

As an installation IG (complaint resolutions), I serve as an extension of the wing commander. Of course, our biggest message to Airmen is use your chain of command. Our Air Force culture demands that we understand, utilize and respect our chain of command. This is instilled in us from our first day of service. Experience has shown your immediate supervisor, first sergeant or commander is in the best position to provide a solution to your issue or concern. This should be the first place you go to handle any issues or concerns. However, there is no requirement, prior permission, or approval necessary to talk to the IG.

Our AFI 90-301 outlines the Inspector General Complaints Resolution program and ensures Airmen have the right to present a complaint without fear of reprisal. The IG will serve as a fair, impartial and objective fact-finder, and analyze all issues brought to us and utilize many different processes to accomplish the problem-solving mission.

One of the simplest and yet most important keys to accomplishing a wing's mission is to ensure every Airmen knows exactly his or her role. A professional Airman knows the job, knows the recurring training and mobility requirements and is 100 percent prepared to perform the wing's mission anytime, anywhere, in peacetime or war.

It is important that every Airman has a clear understanding of the IG's role, and how it relates to accomplishing the mission. Our goal is to get you back on the line performing your duties and being an active member of the wing. Please never hesitate to talk to your IG.