A funny thing happened on the way to defending our country

  • Published
  • By Todd Goldsmith
  • McChord Field Resiliency Coordinator
I love to laugh. I haven't come across too many people who don't like to laugh. And why not laugh? It's free. You can do it just about anywhere. It's relatively painless, unless you do too much of it.

More importantly, laughter is actually good for you. It releases chemicals in your body that greatly contribute to your well being and state of mind. Have you ever considered the truth is the adage, "Laughter is the best medicine?"

Life in the military can be pretty rough and serious. We're in the profession of arms. Ultimately, our job is to "kill people and break things" on behalf of the United States tax payers. That, my friends, is some very serious stuff.

Unlike any other business, our competitors have guns and want to kill us. If a fast food restaurant comes out with a better chicken sandwich, the other competitors may lose some market share. If Al Qaeda comes out with new improvised explosive devices, we risk losing our lives.

Unlike the private sector, we need to be seriously dedicated to doing our jobs properly or people can get hurt. That is all the more reason to laugh more often!

We need the peace that laughter can bring to our mental resiliency. I challenge you to add laughter to your daily or hourly routine. Seek it out! Find something that makes you laugh and wear it out, then find something else.

Your country, family and coworkers need you to be healthy and resilient. Do them, and yourself, a favor and find something to laugh about.