Enlisted Airmen and private organizations

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Daryl J. Hogan Jr
  • 10th Airlift Squadron first sergeant
For enlisted Airmen, serving others is as natural as waking up in the morning. Many of us, though, seek to give a little bit more than what is asked of us.

We understand that it takes the commitment of countless people, joined by a common thread and united for a common cause, to preserve the time-honored traditions and heritage of our military culture.

Private organizations are that thread and the impact they have on our communities is that common cause.

No better way is there for an enlisted technician to network with Airmen from various specialties, receive diversified mentorship, build unexpected friendships, learn broad management skills and celebrate our Air Force heritage than to be actively involved in a private organization.

The volunteer opportunities are endless. The Top 3, 5/6 Club and Rising 4 Airman's Council are great places to start getting involved.

The Top 3 is an organization comprised of members from the top three enlisted ranks in the Air Force. The 5/6 club is comprised of members in the ranks of staff sergeant and technical sergeant. The Rising 4 Airman's Council is comprised of members in the lower four Air Force enlisted ranks.

Each of these groups gives our members, from airman basic to chief master sergeant, an important voice in everything from planning awards banquets to base improvement and quality of life initiatives.

Private organizations such as the Air Force Sergeants Association contribute greatly to base events and Airmen development while simultaneously unifying Airmen's concerns into one voice on Capitol Hill.

Their efforts have positively impacted our military benefits since 1961.

My advice: If you're not involved with a private organization, get involved. If you're not a member, become a member. If you are a member, take someone new to your next meeting or event.

Let your commitment to getting involved be part of the fabric of your military career.

It is our reasonable duty to carry the torch of these organizations so that they may still be lit for the next generation of Airmen.