62 AW hosts first wingman day of 2021, first all call with new commander

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mikayla Heineck
  • 62nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The 62nd Airlift Wing hosted its first Wingman Day of 2021 on June 28.

The Wingman Day also provided an opportunity for Col. David Fazenbaker to address the wing all at once for the first time as the 62nd AW commander.

Wingman Day, held a few times a year, connects Airmen with their peers to improve resiliency and strengthen bonds within units.

Fazenbaker, along with Chief Master Sgt. Joseph Arce, 62 AW command chief, began the day with an all call for the 62 AW in which they outlined some past accomplishments and future goals.

“I trust that every day, you’re going to come to work and give us your best,” Fazenbaker said. “I also know that your best today is not your best tomorrow, or your best last week, and that that changes because we all have stressors that affect our performance.”

They emphasized the importance of fostering innovation and inclusion in the Air Force, because tomorrow’s fight will not be the same as yesterday.

“Before you can be a good father, a good mother, or son or daughter, you have to be a good human,” Arce said. “That is truly our warfighter edge.”

Following the all call, Airmen were released to their individual units for morale-building activities.

Classes were held on topics such as the 5 love languages, homeowning and financial management.

Wingman Day is also designed to give every Airman an opportunity to be a part of the conversation about inclusion, their installation culture, and what it means to be a good wingman.

“Honestly, thank you for what you guys do every single day,” Fazenbaker said. “Sometimes it feels like we’re just turning a wrench or flipping a switch, or it’s another CBT, but [even when it seems mundane, what you’re doing daily is] important to our nation.”