Congrats to McChord’s new promotees

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  • By 62nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs
The following individuals from McChord were recently selected as staff sergeants:

Katina Chapa, 1st Air Support Operations Group
John Ferderer, 1st Weather Squ-adron
Lucas Erickson, 4th Airlift Squa-dron
Christal O'Malley, 4th AS
Eric Pietras, 4th AS
Christopher Shull, 4th AS
Grailin Blamer, 5th Air Support Operations Squadron
Jeff Martin, 5th ASOS
William Walden, 5th ASOS
Timothy Bolen, 8th Airlift Squadron
Joseph Cimino, 8th AS
Joshua Crain, 8th AS
Joshua Denny, 8th AS
Stephanie Goodrich, 8th AS
Daniel Isaacson, 8th AS
Kyle Prewitt, 8th AS
Jonathan Rogers, 8th AS
Jeffrey Scheire, 8th AS
Drew Shapiro, 8th AS
Kory Williams, 8th AS
George Johnson, 10th Airlift Squadron
Kevin Slagle, 10th AS
Jeremiah Thompson, 10th AS
Jeramia Valentine, 10th AS
Dustin Fink, 22nd Special Tactics Squadron
Douglas Frinell, 22nd STS
James Graham, 22nd STS
Nathanael Hoag, 22nd STS
James Larsen, 22nd STS
Shaun Meadows, 22nd STS
Derick Sheatler, 22nd STS
Luke Van Dorston, 22nd STS
Aaron Williams, 22nd STS
Shawn Wilson, 22nd STS
Nicole Bouldin, 62nd Aerial Port Squadron
Reginald Harden, 62nd APS
Amber Harmon, 62nd APS
Jeremy Heifner, 62nd APS
Edward Johnson, 62nd APS
William O'Connor, 62nd APS
George Parker, 62nd APS
Joseph Robbins, 62nd APS
Mark Robertson, 62nd APS
Brandon Saludares, 62nd APS
Gary Steffensen, 62nd APS
Gregory Stucky, 62nd APS
Ryan Sullivan, 62nd APS
Jacob Watson, 62nd APS
Philip Witherspoon, 62nd APS
Alejo Blas, 62nd Aircraft Maint-enance Squadron
Jeffrey Coleman, 62nd AMXS
Joseph Connot, 62nd AMXS
Efren Enriquez, 62nd AMXS
Timothy Gibson, 62nd AMXS
Tabor Gluth, 62nd AMXS
Aaron Goodrich, 62nd AMXS
Brandon Hall, 62nd AMXS
Daniel Hensley, 62nd AMXS
Zachary Hoene, 62nd AMXS
Paul Larson, 62nd AMXS
Brandon Lewis, 62nd AMXS
Brandon Lindsey, 62nd AMXS
Latton Luttrell, 62nd AMXS
James Martin, 62nd AMXS
Christopher Mayo, 62nd AMXS
Eric Mittelstadt, 62nd AMXS
Kalan Moyer, 62nd AMXS
Garrett Oneto, 62nd AMXS
Joshua Patterson, 62nd AMXS
Dustin Ponder, 62nd AMXS
Justin Quinn, 62nd AMXS
Jonathan Reno, 62nd AMXS
Nicholas Rice, 62nd AMXS
Grace Rich, 62nd AMXS
Jason Rockwood, 62nd AMXS
Jason Sexton, 62nd AMXS
Christopher Tripp, 62nd AMXS
Trampass Warren, 62nd AMXS
Trevor Yoder, 62nd AMXS
Janilda Garnier, 62nd Airlift Wing
Jeffrey Mangalin, 62nd AW
May Scimone, 62nd AW
James Abney, 62nd Civil Engi-neer Squadron
John Cote, 62nd CES
Manuel Garcia, 62nd CES
Jason Gatiss, 62nd CES
Jennifer Greer, 62nd CES
Kristie Timberlake, 62nd CES
Rebecca Tongen, 62nd CES
Eddie Valerio, 62nd CES
Adam Basford, 62nd Commu-nications Squadron
Jon Bell, 62nd CS
Jordan Grace, 62nd CS
Joshua Hogge, 62nd CS
Austin Johnson, 62nd CS
Charles Lyddon, 62nd CS
Jacquelin Santiago, 62nd CS
Joshua Strom, 62nd CS
Loran Tarter, 62nd CS
Justin Wilgus, 62nd CS
Jessica Wilhelm, 62nd CS
Paul Henderson, 62nd Com-ptroller Squadron
Eric Cagle, 62nd Logistics Rea-diness Squadron
Ravineel Chand, 62nd LRS
Nicholas DeLeon, 62nd LRS
Kevin Donnelly, 62nd LRS
Gerardo Flores, 62nd LRS
Jameson Flores, 62nd LRS
Charlotte Forester, 62nd LRS
Robert Gaugh, 62nd LRS
James Jensen, 62nd LRS
Andrew Johnson, 62nd LRS
Zachary Mize, 62nd LRS
Justin Nolan, 62nd LRS
Caramel Padrones, 62nd LRS
Garrett Pope, 62nd LRS
Mori Sakios, 62nd LRS
Brent Taylor, 62nd LRS
William Underhill, 62nd LRS
Ricky West, 62nd LRS
Erich Boehm, 62nd Maintenance Squadron
Luis Cardona, 62nd MXS
Corey Dawson, 62nd MXS
Paul Ferrigno, 62nd MXS
John Harms, 62nd MXS
Ghassan Khan, 62nd MXS
Tania Leeman, 62nd MXS
Joshua Martin, 62nd MXS
Priscilla Mason, 62nd MXS
Enrique Matos, 62nd MXS
Michael Mihalyi, 62nd MXS
Brian Mundy, 62nd MXS
Gareth Murphy, 62nd MXS
Edward Nassy, 62nd MXS
Brian Neill, 62nd MXS
Roberto Peralta, 62nd MXS
Andrew Post, 62nd MXS
Jeremy Rice, 62nd MXS
Laura Burk, 62nd Maintenance Operations Squadron
Michael Relyea, 62nd MOS
Ricardo Rivera, 62nd MOS
Adam Beach, 62nd Medical Operations Squadron
Bernie Bernante, 62nd MDOS
Amanda Jenney, 62nd MDOS
Robert Quitano, 62nd MDOS
Jonathan Thomas, 62nd MDOS
Nikolai Adderley, 62nd Medical Support Squadron
Laramie Cosek, 62nd MDSS
Vanessa Cruz, 62nd MDSS
Dayna Derringer, 62nd MDSS
Chavez Gomez, 62nd MDSS
Demetrius Office, 62nd MDSS
Midiatrix Ortiz, 62nd MDSS
Angela Pfaff, 62nd MDSS
Jeffery Taylor, 62nd MDSS
Tameshia Tufts, 62nd MDSS
Raquel Onedera, 62nd Mission Support Squadron
Carl Barksdale, 62nd Operations Support Squadron
Timothy Bills, 62nd OSS
Robert Smithson, 62nd OSS
Charles East, 62nd Security Forces Squadron
Thomas Hoover, 62nd SFS
Jonathan Horsley, 62nd SFS
Elizabeth Rice, 62nd SFS
James Sharpe, 62nd SFS
Heather Gensman, 62nd Services Squadron
Michael Steimer, 62nd SVS
Darrell Delacruz, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Detachment 895
Krista Balaez, Inbound
Clayton Greenwell, Inbound
Scott Gebauer, Inbound
Jason Dumaliang, Inbound
Yolanda Parker, Inbound
Ronnie Seltun, Inbound
Daniel Strom, Inbound
Jacob Thompson, Inbound
Tanya Williams, Inbound
Wayne Woodard, Inbound