AF culture climate survey underway

  • Published
  • By Tyler Hemstreet
  • 62nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

In an effort to understand the values, beliefs and expectations that shape Airmen's everyday behavior, the Air Force recently launched Phase 2 of the Air Force Climate Survey focused on Air Force culture.

The survey, which started Aug. 4 and runs until Sept. 10, differs from the usual climate survey, which examines command climate in particular units at specific points in time, according to a release from the RAND Corporation, a non-profit research institution with a long history of working with the Air Force.

The survey takes a more personal approach than previous culture surveys, with the focus being on "what if" scenarios that make Airmen think about their values in each choice, said Tech Sgt. Gary Knutson, 62nd Mission Support Squadron.

"The survey leads more toward the core values of Airmen," said Sergeant Knutson. "It wants to see if they would do the right thing in certain situations."

A randomly selected subset of over 300,000 Air Force civilian, Guard, Reserve and active duty personnel were sent direct e-mail invitations to participate in the survey, but people may volunteer as well.

Those selected to participate, or who volunteer to participate, should provide direct, honest and candid inputs with the goal of making the Air Force even better, said Gen. T. Michael Moseley, chief of staff of the Air Force.

The RAND Corporation will prepare a report for senior military and civilian Air Force leaders on the results of the survey. The release said survey findings will be enhanced by a series of focus groups on Air Force culture at a diverse set of bases around the country.

"Your frank comments about our common Air Force culture are key to our future success," General Moseley said.

Airmen interested in taking the survey can access it anytime at The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete and will be available through Sept. 10.