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AFI outlines appropriate BDU, accessory wear


Editor's note: The following article gives a snapshot of the changes made to Air Force Instruction 36-2903 Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel. Although the following are significant changes, all Airmen should be familiar with the entire instruction.

Based on the 97th Air Force Uniform Board's recommendations for proper wear of the Air Force uniform, an updated version of Air Force Instruction 36-2903 was released recently.

The board, which convened in October, made the following updates to AFI 36-2903's Battle Dress Uniform and clothing and accessory standards:

  •  Personnel attached to Army units may wear associate unit patch, but only while attached to the unit.
  • Individuals may sew down pockets, but no local policy will be established to make it mandatory.
  • Gortex pants must be worn with parka.
  • Black gloves or mittens may be worn with BDU without outer garments such as coats or jackets.
  • Chef's coat will not be worn over BDUs.
  • Footwear will be shined and in good repair. Footwear designated as no shine will be cleaned, polished and in good repair.
  • Only one wristwatch is authorized for wear while in uniform.
  • Only one conservative gold or silver bracelet no wider than one-half inch thick may be worn while in uniform. POW/MIA bracelets remain authorized.
  • Earrings must be worn in the lower earlobe if the member has multiple ear piercing.
  • Eyeglasses and sunglasses frames may have black, brown, gold or silver wire frames.
  • Pagers and cell phones must be conservative and solid black, silver, dark blue or gray. Members will not walk in uniform while using cell phones, radios or hands-free devices unless required to perform official duties.
  • Solid-color black, olive drab and woodland camouflage gym bags are the only colors authorized with the BDU. Conservative manufacturer's logo is allowed.
  • The common access card will only be worn on base when required. It will also be worn on the front of the body, displayed above the waist and below the neck.
  • Lanyards for access passes, badges and CACs will be plain, dark blue, black, silver, plastic or small conservative link chains. Green lanyards may be worn with the BDU.
  • Athletic shoes, when worn due to medical waiver, will be a conservative color.

AFI 36-2903 can be found at http://www.e-publishing.af.mil.